Loudly - Community Guidelines

our community, where you can register and log in with a username, your email address and a secure password. Your data will always be protected and treated as confidential. You will occasionally receive information about Loudly and our community via the app or email.

your music with other members of our Loudly community. By sharing your music with the community, you are also allowing us and all other
community members to distribute your songs via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms and in connection with other
content from us and from community members, such as sound recordings, images and videos.

Find out...
what others think about your music and write your own comments on songs from other community members. If comments from other
community members break these rules, you can remove them from your songs ("Delete comment") or report them to us ("Report").

the rights of other members and artists (name, brand, personality, copyright, data protection, etc), as well as the legal prohibitions,
principles and rules of our community. We do not allow any discriminative or pornographic content, nor will we tolerate content that endangers youth or glorifies violence and war, or statements of an offensive, harassing, defamatory or otherwise hurtful nature. We do not monitor, check or edit content. However, we retain the right to remove content or block accounts (with or without prior notice and with or without explanation) that we feel have broken these rules.

content which you feel does not adhere to these rules ("Report"). We will look into your request.

Back up...
your data on your own system if necessary and protect your login details from misuse. You are responsible for all activities conducted through your account. We do not offer a backup service and you are aware that you are responsible for backing up your own content.

• that we take no responsibility for the content or links in the community.
• that we are entitled at any time to change features in the community or to fully or partially discontinue the offer, and that we take no responsibility for changes, interruptions or cessation of the community or for loss of contents.
• that the community may be financed by advertising revenue and that you agree that we display advertising and promote products
in the community and in connection with your content. The nature and scope of the advertising and product promotion may be changed without specific notice.


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