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How to become an influencer - One of the most common goals of people today revolves around influence over money, but learning how to become an influencer isn’t something that is taught in schools. As a platform built by creators, for creators, Soundtracks is home to a team of content experts who have gathered some of the best advice to share with aspiring influencers.

How to be an influencer - Firstly, some people are born without needing to learn how to be an influencer. We all have that friend, and if you don’t, maybe you are that friend. The one who tells you about their day before you ask, who shares her opinions on her favorite products and craziest experiences naturally. People might gravitate towards these people, keen to listen to stories - especially stories related to the niches that they care about themselves.

Niche down - This brings us to one of the first key steps in how to become an influencer - focus on a niche. Where do you have the most education, experience, stories to tell? This should be based not just off of your own interests and past experience, but what you are motivated to focus on for the future. Being an influencer is a full-time job, where eventually, every moment of your life could become something capturable and profitable. The key of how to become an influencer means starting as a micro-influencer and building a reputation with word of mouth and valuable, niche content.

Retain your following - One of the first steps to follow on how to be an influencer is funneling your following into a controlled environment. Create a website, blog, or email list. You should be using social media platforms to harness new followers, but you should always be encouraging them to enter a platform where you can influence them more specifically. From watching videos of other creator’s experiences on how to become an influencer, you can see plenty of examples of people losing their followers: cases of Instagram profiles and YouTube channels being blocked and removed for apparently no reason, or people losing followers from glitches or bugs in the system.









Engage with your community - Staying engaged with your community starts with providing legitimate value to your followers. This requires research, staying ahead of the trend, and good presentation of interesting information. Once they are talking about your content, don’t let them stop. Keep talking with them. Even if you only have a few followers, this is a key step in building a solid community and also, boosting your social media engagement standings, while obeying community guidelines, and thus making the algorithm happy. Learning how to be an influencer means learning how to become a conversation maker. Respond to comments, encourage DMs, use interactive story features, and do what you can to make your followers feel listened to. More than this, listen to them! They can offer ideas for new content which you might not have thought of or realized that there was a demand for.

Know when to say no - One of the key aspects when learning how to be an influencer will be learning to analyze opportunities. You will receive more offers for partnerships, sponsored content, gifts, ads, and more. One of the hardest things when starting out as an influencer is knowing when to say “No, thanks” to some of these opportunities. When you are faced with a brand partnership request, you should analyze whether it is a true match with your brand, personality, values, and the goals you are trying to achieve. While it might hurt to turn down an opportunity that isn’t the best match, rest assured that it will lead to more accurately matched opportunities for you down the line, and will increase the value of your brand.

Maximize video content - Influencer videos are so far the best way to communicate with an audience. When creating a video, decide your messaging, tutorial tips, and vibe before you share. Make sure you provide valuable information and don’t skip on the opportunity to maximize the value of the video by adding music. Finding royalty-free music to avoid copyright infringement, that matches your personality, the video’s vibe, and more is easier than ever with the Soundtracks library and editing app. With the subscription-based library of thousands of tracks, you can find the exact genre, mood, and energy level you’re after. The Loudly Soundtracks app lets you easily and quickly add music to your video, adjust the volume, and fix the4 positioning of the track so it complements your content perfectly.

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