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The importance of video editing software

If you have recently decided to make video part of your content creation strategy, there may be certain aspects you haven’t thought about before. We all have powerful video cameras in our pockets at all times. We’ve all snapped a quick clip of a birthday song, or a funny moment. However, what about those YouTube videos or clever reels you enjoy? This is where video editing software comes in.

Elements of editing

“But why do I need to edit my videos?” you may be asking yourself. To answer simply, editing is important to create a clear, concise, and compelling story. To capture and maintain a viewer’s attention, oftentimes you need more elements to keep things interesting.

Posting an unedited clip may be perfect for a 15-second Instagram Story, but you’ll need more than to just hit record for longer videos. Throwing a few clips into a video editing software can drastically change your video with just a few simple clicks.

No matter your level of expertise, all video editing apps will include some of the basics. Unless you’re a trained professional, you’ll most likely have a few “ums” or longer pauses as you speak. To rectify this, you’ll make cuts and perhaps even include transitions in between your clips. Simple enough right?

Video Editing Software for All

Video editing apps come in many varieties with different focuses for a user's needs. Depending on your platform, you’ll want to consider a particular video editing app over another.

If you’re a Mac user, from the moment you first boot up your computer, you can get straight to editing if your heart desires. The stock video editing software here is called iMovie. It has all of the basic tools that you’ll need for simple editing. When you find that you’ve reached the limits of what the app can offer, you can graduate to the pro version of iMovie called Final Cut Pro. This is one of the main video editing apps of professionals in the industry.

For Windows users, fear not! You also have a built-in app called Windows Video Editor. It includes the same basic features as iMovie for quick and easy editing without spending a dime.

Other popular professional-level video editor apps that are worth mentioning are Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve. In addition to Final Cut Pro, these three models are the industry standards for video editing software.

Bells and Whistles

While making cuts and adding transitions raise the quality of your videos, there are a few more things that can be done to complete the package.

Depending on the type of content you produce, you may want to consider adding effects. These can vary from simple glitch effects to intricate motion graphics that elevate what is on screen. The pro apps mentioned previously all include some level of effects, but the leading video editor app for motion graphics is Adobe After Effects. Don’t feel inadequate if it seems a bit over your head, becoming an expert in After Effects is a profession unto itself!

Don’t Forget the Music!

Often overlooked, music is quite possibly the most important part to any video. This is our area of expertise and we’ve developed industry-leading tools to make sure your videos always sound fresh.





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The most unique factor that is sure to streamline your editing workflow is the ability to immediately view how songs in our library work with your video. No more need to download dozens of tracks to import into your software to see which works best.

If mobile editing is more your speed, you can download the Loudly Soundtracks app, available on iOS and Android to easily add music to your videos and export to your favorite platforms.

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