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Started 11/29/19. I mostly like songs that are edm, electronica, or both. Just mainly songs without words, with a few exceptions, along with some outliers from my preferred genres. I want to make music for people to enjoy, love, and share with others, to spread the joy! ; ) For those jammers out there wondering what kind of wild card that is Alkabiss, *gingerbread man voice,*"Okay! I'll tell you."* My name is Daniel, and I'm a 16 year old male highschooler making music on the side. I am an ISTJ with ADHD, a very difficult combination to keep up with, as they totally go against each other. Zodiac sign, in case some were wondering, is also mostly Aquarius and partially Saggitarius, which are usually introverted ones as well. Right now I only make music as a side hobby, but I'm trying out as many of the genres as I can. There may not be much, considering the current date and when I started, but I put weeks of work into some of my songs to make them, (in my opinion), perfect. Make sure to check out my hit, Enhance. I like to make music that can take people places, put them into a dream or a trance, and then leave them wondering where the time went by the end. That's really the only reason I can come up with for why I make my songs so long. Most of my songs will start out easy and get more intense. I try to go for an EDM vibe in my music, as with each beat drop, it becomes louder and more complicated. I usually do an average of three drops per song. I'm also trying out different types of genres of music and seeing how well I do with those. When I make music, if I like it enough, I'll get a feeling in my chest and torso, like almost a chill, but warmer. If I don't get that feeling, then something is off for me. One of the people on here that can make those chills run down my spine is Music Awesome. Everybody make sure to check out my all time favorite jammer, Music Awesome! Their mixes and beats are just incredible, and they have been around much longer than I have. I just love listening to their chill, lo-fi type beats, but it unnerved me at how lacking they are in followers. In my opinion, they really deserve so many more, giving them love and support for their work. So everybody please be sure to check out Music Awesome!! My favorite song I've made definitely has to be Enhance. because it's amazing, in my opinion, to have on repeat. Fun fact, I accidentally found out about the pause in the pack sounds when I removed the bass after the second drop, and that just made it SOOO much better. I was so happy because to me, it was one of the most glorious parts of any song that I had made back then, along with the third drop. Well enough about me. I hope you enjoy my music as I do! Arigato, mata ne! Everybody stay safe in the plight of this covid-19 pandemic! With school starting back up this year, at least for me, I'm not going to be able to make 4 songs a month like I did back in July, so I'm very sorry about that to all of my listening jammers out there. Thank You Everbody!! I can't believe that a hundred and fifty of you like my music, as I wasn't planning for this to be a serious thing! It's unbelievable that in my first social media type app, I've hit over a HUNDRED folowers!!! It makes me so happy that I could make so many of you happy because of my music! I am indescribably ecstatic because of this! Thank You All, So Much! FOR THOSE WONDERING WHY I DON'T MAKE ANY MORE MUSIC So, I'm a free to play person, and I've basically run out of free packs already. I can't figure out how to make something else, so I'll be heading to Splash music maker. In fact, I've already released a song over there in case you want to check it out. My name is the same over there, so, if you even care or read this far, I appreciate you. I'll leave my channel here, not deleting it. So as always, stay weird, because weird is a side effect of awesome. P.S. Minecraft is better than Roblox. Fortnite just sucks.

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