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Millions of creators use Loudly’s music solutions to power their creative projects. Influencers, YouTubers, Music Producers and Marketing Teams need high quality music to connect with their audiences and grow their channels. We have it all here. 

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Get Royalty-Free music for your digital projects
Make awesome music on your phone
Create instant music with AI technology


have used our Royalty-Free music in their projects

A new flexible music system

Customize music easily for your digital projects

Loudly has developed a breakthrough music system which allows anyone to harness the basic elemental blocks of music creation to get that perfect sound! Whether you’re developing a video, podcast, website or personal creative project, you need all kinds of different music options to stand out and captivate your audience. Now it’s possible, and it’s all 100% Royalty-Free!


Designed for creators

The world’s most powerful music engine

Imagine if music would simply adapt to your project? We’re doing it! Simply create, customize & download music based on genre, mood, instrumentation, time length and video type. The ideal way to save yourself hours of unnecessary work and hassle. Get all that and more by using our powerful music engine.

The highest quality music available

AI technology with a human touch

Loudly’s music catalogue is meticulously crafted by talented music producers who work across all the top genres in the market. We then transform this music into code and let our AI engine generate customized tracks in under 5 seconds. Beautiful human crafted sounds, enhanced by the power of AI.