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FYI all future releases by AnimoCity can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify or anywhere else online Music is sold. Anyone who wants to hear what can be done with the aid of MMJ can check me AnimoCity out on Spotify or AnimoCity - Topic on YouTube for free, enjoy it's all been fun and still is :) Anyone here who says it can't be done only says that because they themselves cannot do it. •••`∆`••• 10/25/19 •••`∆`••• 4 year's to the day A finished Tips section is coming soon!!! Several new songs too :) - New near the end of bio - I'm going to answer the myth about MMJ. Ever since I've been here I continue to here one thing from people here. People say that MMJ is not a real platform to create music with. Yes it's true that even MMJ themselves call the app a game. I've tested it and so have so many others here that have passed through. The quality you get from this app is completely comparable to a studio recording. Not to mention that many loops have been being used in professional music for over 20 years now. The real key to success is getting the loops to not sound like an MMJ loop. If you can do that repeatedly than you can take music from this app somewhere. If you create music under the MMJ guidelines for contests, raw tallent or spotlight than you will never get above just an MMJ artist. That is why all the contests and such are judged the way they are. It's also very easy to get a song played on the radio, but it does need to be a decent song and not just MMJ loops. All you have to do is go in and talk to the DJ. HEADPHONES ....Something Wicked Has Thisway Come...... addictive sounds.... If you are looking for original music and not just the packet song redone then you have found the right page. So enjoy and thank you for listening. I do listen to everyone who puts a like, comment or follow on one of my tracks. Thank you. This bio is the only bio ever recognized by MMJ By the way if you like one of my tracks you will like others. My personal favorite tracks are... well... I guess, whatever I happen to be working on at the time, But that's just me. Personal fav: the 3 I'm about to drop Started here Oct. 27th 2016 Music transgresses all boundaries age, sex, religion and race. I have never played a musical instrument. Dabbled here and there but no. Should have done more with the guitar after a simester when I was 9 but no. Wish I had learned the piano they are the true artists on MMJ. Was an editor in Hollywood till I got sick of the people (Film) my personal tastes are very eclectic the profile pic is my inner child Thanks, M.M.A.I. Productions Sound Engineering animocity ::::::::::: Major Updates To Bio IN Progress ::::::::::: Everything below deleted somehow there was some neat info there Don't ever use the and symbol it will delete all below it when you save Now there is this..... TIPS and TRICKS for Beginners and Advanced Beginners:. The first Tip that I wish to share with the community is this 1. Before starting on a piece of music change all of the notes to any other note but A. Doing just this one thing will have such a drastic difference on all of your instruments and melodies, that your fans will think you have found a new sound. Advanced notation will be a later step. 2. Second and most important of all info I am giving out. As soon as you have something you are about to build upon, adjust the speed 2 or 3 BPM slower than it started from. This one thing will give drastic dynamics and body to what ever loop you are generating. After that it is just a matter of playing with the speed until it pleases you. Or if you are like me and looking for a personal challenge. Try making a tune at 200 BPM or 60 BPM. My closest is Inspiration at 66 BPM. A Single Touch is 60 BPM 3. The Fade out or Fade in. This is more for the beginners, I have run across a great many who don't know this. The Fade out or in is done with the master volume control manually up or down. Just before the song ends. A fade out can take up to eight measures or more. Just depends on you. 4. Vocals. First of all if you feel comfortable with your own voice please do, it much preferred over the MMJ vocals. Always plug your headphones in before recording yourself, this will eliminate the beeping at start which serves no purpose at all but an annoyance. If you prefer the MMJ vocals than by all means do. Be creative with them use them from multiple style packs to create your own song. If you just use one style pack why would your song stand out when there is already 10,000 versions of that song already posted. So please be creative there are still 10,000 new vocal combinations that have not yet been done with the MMJ vocals. And yes sometimes I myself will stick to one style pack for vocals, so if you feel do it. The last thing I would like to say about vocals is this, we are part of a world community not a U. S. community so if your native tongue is not English, by all means please sing in your own language. I am not the only Listener who would greatly appreciate this. Also Sony Magix is not an American company, so please make this a multi lingual community through music. 5. Vocals and volume controls. When putting vocals in a song you must always adjust the individual volume level up or down for each vocal part. This is one of the few times you will ever have to adjust the individual volume levels. 6. Volume levels. Most loops in MMJ are preset with volume mixing in mind. 90 percent of my songs the only volume level adjusted is the main. Very rarely do you ever have to adjust individual instrument volumes. ex... " Let me go " only maser vol. is adjusted ex... " Breath in Hell " 7. Master Volume. This needs to be adjusted on every song you make. For best results you want the peak level to just barely graze the peak point. If you are looking for a distortion effect then push it just past the top level, this will distort the high ends while leaving the rest intact. 8. Stacking: This is a topic that is both for Beginners and Advanced, I discuss this in more than just this step. This is simply 2 or more similar sounding instruments being played at the same time. This will be discussed in full detail and purpose under loop Design. I refer to the way MMJ design's there loops and why they are cut the way they are. Advanced: • Volume Levels and Stacking: This is simply 2 or 3 similar sounding instruments or sounds being played at the same time and adjusting the volumes accordingly to make them more agreeable with each other. Ideally creating a new instrument sequence and sound. ex: " Film Junkie " is my first example here ex: " Breath in Hell (mix two) " • 8 Track Conversion #1 This is a process done with the record function. First set up your 8 track loop sequence. Then find a very quiet room and press record on the mic function with all 8 channel's on and simply record your loop sequence without making a sound. It may take several tries to get the volume setting right among other things. Then simply rinse and repeat for whatever other loop sequence's you wish to add more to. This allows you to add more to an 8 track sequence. (better results with a better quality mic) ex. " Don't Talk (Fluxx Mix)" (a basic example) • 8 Track Conversion #2 Take your finished MMJ piece of music or song and load it into a computer software music studio program and add whatever else you want to it there. Then convert your finished product back into an OGG file and paste it to the Music Maker Jam file listed in the music folder on your phone. And then post your finished song in the community. The most important piece of advice I can give anyone is this, listen to your track over and over before you release it. If you think there is a part that is dragging, I guarantee that someone else already did. After all you want people to listen don't you. So please listen to your work first. There are examples of everything listed here throughout my own music. At the end of the steps I will be pointing out examples. - Phase II everything else - :: Under Construction :: I've thought long and hard about giving the rest of my secrets away but then I realized that the text book musician will not understand what I'm talking about and that is actually perfect. My goal is to help the musicians who feel there music. I am going to start this section on the past and work forward from there. First of all no one gets my name at all. Everyone thinks it's Animosity. That is an illusion, because I purposely did not use capital letters in my name. There is only one person in MMJ who understood why there are no capital letters in my name. I purposely did that to show that no jammer is above any other jammer. What animocity means is this. Music is a weapon, full of ammunition, there for my name is actually AnimoCity. I put that on my second profile but no one understood it. This next statement is simply to enice you back for more. Everything on both my profiles is only using up to 60 percent of the app. I was busy learning my keyboard. Never had the need to go any further at that point until I had reached a certain stag in my own personal growth and style. So I only wrote half of the tips bio and couldn't justify giving my other tricks away until I was actually using that part of the app. Even if I already knew how to explain in detail how to use it. My next 3 drops will explain this :)) MMJ recognized my bio as the only bio to learn how to jam from, and it was only half written. xxxxxxxxx much more coming soon. I'm just taking my time xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Theory, structure, notation, FX, intro's, outro's and so much more xxxxx Thank you for reading, listening and all of your support. And do remember that if you are feeling neglected or forgotten, please feel free to let me know. I will gladly listen and comment on your music. Till then I might be in the studio with........... Me•••••••• Myself••••• And••••••• I•••••••••• Might be at work...................... Life, job, friends, family and just fun, is probably why I'm not around. Some days I just don't feel like commenting​, sorry AnimoCity is GONE I am no longer on Kik side note: MK I mean really what is the point in lying about everything you have ever done or said to anyone?

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