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Welcome to The Garden! bunnyshonis (est. 2016) is a GUITAR centric jammer, digs all types of music, jamz on an Android V60 Thinq 5G... tracks mixed to earbuds. Wonderfully talented Artists pass thru this open gate. Most r Trusted Friends who reciprocate thoughtful comments... Bright Words from New Faces are encouraged and joyful. However, SpamTrolls are NOT tolerated. _______________________ MMJ delivers boundless fun but its technical foibles are often frustrating and costly: Comments are frequently undeliverable which dissuades quality feedback... Search Bar and Hashtags are unreliable... There are other minor issues with this app, but not worth mentioning here... Albeit, bunnyshonis envisions a brighter future. ________________ Shout of appreciation to the following Jammerz for their tech help thru the years: 8ch42 • animocity • Galaxy Grain • TomZ • IKI PEARL • ❤️❤️❤️❤️e❤️❤️❤️❤️• Burt Parsons (Imma Soldier) • J-Nice • Esteban Mortis ... not only are the aforementioned artists superb musical talents, they know their buttons and knobs and how this magic works. Please support them. Thank You! ________________ #bunnysings #originalvocals #bunnyraps #rabbitholehop : big thanks to these inspirational singer-song writer jammerz for showing bunny the way: Just David / 8ch42/ Imma Soldier/ ❤️❤️❤️❤️e❤️❤️❤️❤️ / M4ENT / CuPpa DuB / live evil BrothaZ / J-Nice/ method one jam man / AtkOnTaylor please check them out. ____________________________ #bunnycollab : "Love Trap Captured In You" (feat.) ❤️❤️❤️❤️e❤️❤️❤️❤️ ___________________________ GOLDEN CARROTS (bunny's all-time faves): A.k.A Hairy "Hairy fever" • "Mistake" • "Violines con flow" animocity "Why Must I? w/ bARTechno" • "Meat Market" • "Wrong Answer" • "Sacrifice (this monetary system)/with DoubleD" • "DARKSIDE" • "time on our side" with Gourd Chucker • "For You ((Just Can't Stop))" • "Sedimentary Remains" •"Na' Na" • "Love is Blind" • "A Rose I Knew" • "TechKnot" • "Fiction" • "Normal People" Anon Archie Monroe and The New Romantic Devils- "Easy (seize the day)/ version 1 and 2/ • "Talkin bout love" AssassinOfTomorrow "dream Walker" • "Deep" • "Morrowind" • "Last Night Incaved" AtkOnTaylor "Simulacrum" • "Don't Blow A Fuse" • "Guess I'm a Devil" • "If I Die Tomorrow" • "Left Behind" • "Mr. Black" • "Disturbia feat AtkOnTaylor" • "Who Am I?" • "Scatter" • "Twilight Zone" • "G r a s p" • "Take You Home" • "Velvet Sky" • "Melancholy Feelz" • "Spiritual Pressure" • "RIVALS" • "M a l e v o l e n t" • "Inglorious [Rainy Days]" • "Dreams" • "Moments" • "INFAMOUS" • "KILL ALL TITANS" • "Two Sides to a Story" • "The Scarecrow feat AtackOnTaylor" • "March of the Reluctant Soldier" • "Memories of a Past Forgotten" • Audio "fuzzy day in the D" • "I done wanna" • "electrolux" • "miracle" BeppeJB "Residues of Stars" • BeniBoyZone "MMJ Mashup Vol. 3" • "Bad Piggies..." • "Clusterf#cked" • "Dreams and Nightmares" • "Neon Glow (FT. Ariel)" • blAckspot "twist it twisted" • "hookblade" (parts 1 and 2) • "project reject" • BillyStylo. "Welcome" • "Unsolicited" • "Oh. No, no... I'm Not Involved" BREWER "REVOLVERS" Brutus the Fetus "Katana remix" • "Beautiful Disaster" • "Places" •C|H|AOS• "s ample" ©oMPleX1 "A WoMeNS WoRTh" • THE CRITIQUE "Riders" CuPpA DuB SistaZ|S2T "Time" • "AfterLife" • "Full Moon" • "The FuturE" • "NeighbourZ" • "Gentle PaRaNo!a ToO" D-ROCK DIGITAL "Playing along with mmj" • "You Can't Stop It !"• "DETERMINATION (Life Ain't Easy)" • "Exploring The Muse" • "sO grOOvy" • "SOULFUL DREAMER GROOVE" Darkblade "Redge World" • "Dark Arabic Biscuit Control" • "Time to Show Off" • "Golden Bonnie Song" • "Ultimate Thanksgiving" DEATH WISH "In The Pit" • "DRIVE BY" • "SNAPPED" Delano "Drive" • "Looking at You" • "Scarborough Fair" • "Trance With Me" • "Wrath" • "It's Been Awhile" • "Imagine" • "Silent Lucidity Tom Z Dedication" • "My Way Back Home TechnoDnB" • "My Way Back Home CountryRock" • "Lost" • "Simple Man" • "Personal Jesus" DIAMoND "(213)" • Dink and Ez "Underestimated" • "Resurrect" DJ FLEGM∆TIK "american dreams"• "to the east / trap music" djTEAL "Rinse repeat" • "Aqua dream" • "GOOD GIRL" • "Dragons Tail" • "Inveloped" • "crescent" • "SO COLD" • "NEED YOU" • "Galaxy of my heart" • "body of water" #Earflix---!!! - "#Ey...# Ef-mix-dnb" • "I'm a GOD#" • "#Tru To The Night#" • "#kaleidescope#" • "#Next to u#" • "#Dark Light#-Ef -DnBremix" • "#Ride Away#-Ef-mix" • "#for those who like it# -DnB- mix 1" • #Norfolk Drive#- Olivia Reid ❤️❤️❤️❤️e❤️❤️❤️❤️ "Remedys" • "IntaStellaSHELLA" • "Feel ma Luv" • "Someone like YOU" • "Turning tables" • "keep it in Ur heart" • "Drum and Bass ( JUMP UP)" • "bunnyshonis experiment" • "Turning tables- My vocals" • "feel my love - My vocals" • "MMJs Witch Doctor" • "Atmospheric DnB" • "Quarter Finals Round 8ch v Electro" • "TWISTED DNB" • "Colorful 200 bpms" •"DEDICATED TO PRODiboo" • "CHASING U..." • "How To Trend on MMJ" • "Grime UK Rap" • ENIGMA "Feel The Bass" • "OMG!" • "Trapped In My Mind [Hybrid]" • "NEVER SAY DIE" EnlightenEar "Next to you (remix)" • "Timeline" • "C DUBZ SISTAZ CHALLENGE..." • "SURF IT" Esteban Mortis "This One, Far Away" • "Rigor Mortis/Cancrum Oris" • "Lord of All Evil/ Icy Sunshine" • "Hommie Wan Kenobi Sauce" Felix and Me And DJ The FLASH "Yr Place in My Dead Line ft. 8ch42" • Forestprincesoundz "Silver" • "Deep Intentions" • "Heavens Army" • "Crystal nights" • "My 4everHeartbeatz" • "Passion Power dedication" • "Evolved" • "Senses 'Who to Turn to" • "I Dance in the Night" • "Wild Love, Emotions" • "Tribal senses" FREELOADER F*M "Stay N Your Lane. #F*M" G_DyolF "Aborted Flying Star" • "Rolling Chain#BLAXKarmy" G is Z "Peace In Our Lifetime" Gaby Travaline • "Animals" • "Empathos" • "A Wrinkle in Time" • "Event Horizon (fight 4 luv) with Rachel Monroe and the Romantic Devils" • "take Flight" • "Serenity II" • Serenity I" • "Slipping Away" • "poppy peelz" • Galaxy Grain "No Coming Back" • "There was a Time" • "Addicted" • "Blurnt In Metal" • "Wubz~N~ Hop" • "We Go LoFi" • "Lucky 7's" • "Hold On ((NOVA))" • "Neurons" • "I Forgot to Remember" • "No Secrets No Lies" • "What the metal step?" • "Help You Breathe" • "Bass Run" • "Constant Struggle" • "Tropical Pollution" • "Losing Key" • "Put Em Up!" • "Calling Your Name" • "To the Chill Spot" • "Spanish Hop" • "Vocals Only Challenge" • "No Matter" • "Ready?" • "To Much Smoke" • "In My Head" • "Feel Good Music" Ghostpoet "Tuyo... mixaholic and the producer" Gourd Chucker "Do Not Stop" (with animocity) • "Productive Today" hipichik "I Wanna Know..." • "ACID" • "Heart of Stone" • "Secrets" • IKI PEARL "Sticks and Stones"; "Invinceable"; "Bittersweet Memories" • "Second Fiddle" • "The Zealot" • "Can't Find It Anyway" • "Fiesta" • "Whiskey Red" • "Crazy White Boy" • "Jammin'" • "Our Worlds Collide" • "Somewhere I Belong" • "Fast Freddy and Wilma" • "La Despedida Mi Amor"• "In the Know" Imma Soldier "4 My God" • Inca's Pathway "Take The Shot" • "The DarkStar Killer" • "Return of the Ancients" • "A FaithHealer's Journey" In$ide® "True to the night" • "Prankster" • "Depressive kindness" J-Nice "Unchained" / "Sorrows in Sentience"/ fLOwBOtZ"/ "ONe PuMp BoOTy BOtZ" • "MOONLIGHT MIRRORS N STARNIGHT DREAMS" • "BaSs BOtZ" • "Make Me Wanna Werk It" • "Fake Ass Love" • "Lost... And Found" • "Step Into Our World ft. DjDarrellD" • "9 Lives of Capt'n Jack Sparky" • "Don't Get it Twisted - 4 DJ Darrell D" • "KaTaStRoPhE -EB DEDI" • "A New Day" • "Another Break in The Wall" • "Love 4 the Music [©OMPLEX1 Dedi]" • "Pride"• "Dark Horizon" • "Rise"• Jimmy Williams "DarkLite"/ "NDAZONE"• Just David "Obsticles" • "It's Over" • Keenan "Imagination Land" • "Concept song (Heavy Bass)" *Keyser* "Mach 5 2.0" • "9 Mili." • LITTLEXFIGHTER "NE/UDO [DIRTY DOZEN]" • "[DIG DEEPER]" LEFTY "Casting Shadows" • "The End" • "Nomad" live evil BrothaZ "Raindrops keep falling on my head"/ "Blade Runner" • "Jnice want it with MEeoow??" • "Just Messin Around" • "Sky's the Limit" • "Evil Keys Keyboard + MMJ" loprofile9 "Bite da Biscuits" • "Saxy Dance Lurktastic "#MilkyWayward" • "Saturn Stepping" • "Plutonian Uranium" MAD PEACE "MY LOVE FOR ECSTACY"/ "DAWN OF THE RISING SPIRIT FIRE"/ "THE AWAKENING OF JANIS POND" / "A STRANGE AFFAIR OF MADAM" • "A HORIZON OF REFLECTIVE BEAUTY" • "MY BELOVED MUSE BEAUTY" • "WITHIN MY OWN MATRIX" • "AS WE SWIM APON TOMORROW" • MB 2005 "Lost In The Breeze" • "The Secret Beach" • "Sunday Picnic" • method one jam man "dirt throb movement #1" • "death Match #2" • "Lucy n Linus jam2" • "Mic Check" MOB RADIO .LMC "CONSPIRACY THRORY" M4ENT "Really Life Pain"/ "I Go Hard" / "Bunnyshonis Funky Grooves" /"What's HaPPeNiN" / "ReaL Life Struggles" / M4's44 Collection" / "Don't Want 2 Die" • "Going Through Alot" • "Pheonix Mystic Island Lovers" • Smoke-N-Mirrors" Mister°Dutch "ComplicateD" • "moe goes wild" • "magico" Moixa "Emily" • "Killing Time" MRS BASSEY (LMC)TL "U NEEDED ME" • "What's Good" • "Nomad DEDI 2 1" NeBula°• "V||" • "Pashupati" • "Channel Bleu" NewEraKid "SENERZ" ; BONEZ" • "GUERILLAS" The Nowhere Man (Double D) "Trapped Druid" • "So Complicated (ft. DoubleD) -•NUTORIOUS1•- "Kissin' The Sky" • "Heavyweight" • "Sweets n Stix" • "MetaMorph" • "DRIVE BY [The Soundtrack]" OmR "closing my mind [Vocals]" • "from my heart" • "Mario and Friends" • "flying [Motion EDM]" • "Rausch" The Ordinary Boy "House music all night long (DoubleD vocals) paleosaurus "piece of the action" / "citadel" / "whispers" Paul Goodman "Rise Above Evil (Heaven's Call Swing Remix)" The placebO.fx. "The Legend of Beni Spurs" • "jazztastically sound" • "Love to Hate H" Plaksa "Don't Burn Bridges" • "SORRY" • "ERROR" planet thang "braindead" • "understanding elevens" • "tiger smile" Portuguese Man o' war "Twenty and Toxic" • "Pincushions Before Us 1" Rachel Monroe and The Romantic Devils "Event Horizon (fight 4 love) with Gaby Travaline" Raphael "Lou E. Hillrock ft. Raphael" Robethan78 "Summer Soltice!" • "Turn you off!" • "Red Lights" RobtheRecord(innit) "TRAPSTA"/ "itsMagic.dedi" sariel "MIXAHOLIC vSoOiUcLeS" • "Recital of Hayy ibn Yaqzan" Sharkster:) "Infant Joy" Sheldon Raymond "Sad Breeze (Redux)" |S|hoo|K| "-Boom- ft. 8ch42" Soulburger "none but ourselves can free our minds" / "Whales in Love" SPACECOWBHOY "Oktoblurfest" • "Pinhead Cuts Loose" • "SeaCowBhoy" tonedeaf "Still with the calm" • "And now for gentle" VanDerZee "Midnight Mondays Deep House Mix" • "Not Perfect" • "Norfolk Drive (Vanderzee House Mix) ft. Olivia Reid VANILLA TANK "Get Me Mine" • walmart in the fog "Intermodal" • "Warning Sign" • "Design B" Weird AL-coholic "I've Had Enough" • "Tobacco Road" • "same ol same ol" WonderKids "Euphoric Aftermath" • "Run!" 5NUFF "ICE HEART (Electro Soul)" • "DY5TOPIA DnB/ (full version)" 8ch42 "Lou E. Hillrock ft. Raphael" • "High Noon, No Remorse" • "-yep. *nod*" • 808 "MONDAY NIGHT SESSION" • "S3SSIONS" _________________hashtags: #bunnysings #bunnyraps #rabbitholehop #bunnyrock #bunnytheatre #highplainsrabbit (gunslingers) #pinkbunnyfloyd (Pink Floyd) #bunnymind (rock theme) #bunnystones (Rolling Stones) #bunbeatles (Beatles) #bunnycreole (swamp/shore scores) #bunnyjazz #bunnysoul #bunnyshed (garage rock) #bunnysurf #bunnyrasta #bunnyfunk #bunnytrance #kriegerhase (warrior rabbit) #fantastickneespins (dance) #buncoverz for interpretations of these Classic Artists: Miles Davis/ James Brown/ John Coltrane/ The Beatles/ The Rolling Stones/ Pink Floyd/ The Police/ Tom Petty/ Steely Dan/ Led Zeppelin/ David Bowie/ Ray Charles/ Aretha Franklin/ Devo/ Sugar Hill Gang/ Frank Sinatra/ Beach Boys/ CCR/ Stevie Nicks/ The Doors/ Nirvana/ U2/ The Cure/ Jefferson Airplane/ Thelonious Monk/ Marsalis Family/ Lead Belly/ Curtis Mayfield/ Wes Montgomery/ Dick Dale

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