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CuPpA DuB☆SiStaZ|S2T


... Wassup ... ✨☢️NeW ViD #short• My cat Peeny-Doll enjoyin the spring sunshine [with my track "IntriguinG"]☢️on YouTube NOW✨ ⭐1 May 2021 SistaZ™ became SiStaZ™, combining all 3 groups: SiStaZ™, SiS™ and SSZ™⭐ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ♨️SISTAHOOD ALBUM on YouTube [featurin: Mirvage Noir • sagakadabra • Sound Nymph • Cuppa Dub • Kety Kes • ❤️e❤️]♨️ ⬇️FIND ME⬇️ ☣️on YouTube/YT SEARCH : Cuppa Dub or: www.youtube.com/c/CuppaDub ☣️SEARCH : Cuppa Dub on: SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Napster, Deezer + most other muzic platformz ______________________________________________ ☯️Feel Me Through My Muzic☯️ ☆CupZ of Quirkinezz n Uniquenezz... I Waz Born Different... Expect Different ✊✌️⭐FEMALE⭐UK⭐✌️✊ ______________________________________________ ⭐my GROUPz: SiStaZ™ SiS™ SSZ™ ⭐CREWz: SiStaZ™ SiS™ S2T™ [Le Salon de Thé] 26/08/2020 ______________________________________________ ♨️ ViDeOz on Loudly: ConfusioN AfterLife ______________________________________________ [47 MMJ TRACKz here] PLEASE NOTE: I Only Respond 2 Commentz... Not ❤️z ______________________________________________ ☆C my MoTiOn ViDeOz 4 the FULL XPERIENCE of my MuziC • YouTube XcLuSiVeZ + OVER 150 Original n ReMastered MMJ + BandLab Trackz ♨️ViDeOz♨️ •DaY-DreaminG AfterLife •TimE FuLL MooN •TRAPped ToO [vocal version] •SISTAHOOD Album UnconditionaL CreepeR [ReMixed] The FuturE •HelL on EartH InterferencE [ReMixed] PalpitationZ ConfusioN •CreativitY - COLLAB with JJ Most of Us - COLLAB with ❤️e❤️ ChasE •My Guitar Practice - BoB DylaN CrY FreedoM the NexT GeneratioN LooK ArounD ToO Waitin' - COLLAB with CiCi •DistanT SunRisE Cuppa Dub + ❤️e❤️ - COLLAB •IndustrY   InsidE hEr MinD ToO   Panic Dem !! PandemiC ¡¡ •CobWeB CandyFlosS [VocalZ] •SpringTime/YT - COLLAB •InFectiouZ   a PausE... ToO •InspiratioN/YT DEDI •Dub ReGgAe - my RooTz •as the CroW FlieZ   InsomniA ToO   Soul RescuE   The CaT n The Crow - COLLAB with ILLZ   It's CominG ToO •Ringin' in the New Year   YuleTidE BlessingZ   InneR ChilD •WalkiN' HomE NightMarE/ILLZ DEDI   S!n!STer ToO   Gentle Parano!a ToO   She Can Fly   Linked DNA   Mother Earth is Weepin'   beST friendZ •SiStaZ Debut Album [2 partz] ______________________________________________ ☆Cuppa Dub aka CupZ☆ ☆Proud Founder/Leader of SiStaZ™ [since Aug 2018]☆ a Small n Xclusive Group of Xtremely Talented Female Muzic Makerz n Vocalistz FOUNDER/LEADER - Cuppa Dub Co-LEADERS - GeMMII. CiCi PR - [Public Relations] - CiCi ADMINISTRATORS - Cuppa Dub. Dj Teal ♀️#SiStaZ™ ♀️#SiS™ {SiStaZ in2 SinginG} ♀️#SSZ™ {SoulSiStaZ} on BANDLAB ☆HEAR US OUT☆ ♀️MEMBERZ of #SiStaZ™ © CUPPA DUB - UK © KETY KES - RUSSIA © SOUNDNYMPH - FINLAND © MIRVAGE NOIR - FINLAND © ❤️❤️❤️❤️e❤️❤️❤️❤️ - UK © SAGAKADABRA - SWITZERLAND © A+C MUSIC SOLUTION - INDONESIA [YT] © RA!N - USA [YT] © DJ TEAL - USA © ENLIGHTEN EAR - IRAN © CiCi - USA © A1NAY - USA © SPANO - USA © ELLE - AUSTRALIA © MIZZ RAW - USA © CASSY VINA - BRAZIL © PAOLA P © GEMMI - UK © EBSTAR - USA ❤️❤️e❤️❤️ Our SiSta4EvaNalwayZ❤️❤️❤️❤️ TantruminaHoodie, Our 4Eva SiSta ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ♀️MEMBERS of #SIS™ [SiStaZ in2 Singing] MMJ © Cuppa Dub © ❤️❤️❤️❤️e❤️❤️❤️❤️ © A1Nay © SoundNymph © MirvageNoir © SagaKadabra © CiCi © Cassy Vina © Paola P ♀️MEMBERS of #SSZ™ [SoulSiStaZ]  BandLab © Cuppa Dub © SagaKadabra © SoundNymph © CiCi © GeMMII Luv 2 all my SiStaZ ❤️x⭐❤️x⭐❤️x⭐❤️x⭐ ______________________________________________ ⭐2nd-Anniversary ReTuRn SepT 2019⭐ Thank U all 944 FanZ n FriendZ attained from Sept 2017 - August 2019 ✊✌⭐ ⭐103 tunez - Started Trending Aug 2018 ;*) ______________________________________________ 26 Sept 2019: TRUTHFUL EVALUATION of #Linked DNA TOTAL = 12,55 !! YAY !! Skill = 4,09 Emotion = 3,98 It won on Originality = 4,48 #22 jammer (if u kno what that means plz tell me ;*) Thx TE Team ✊✌️☯️ ;*) ______________________________________________ ¤ Mother Earth is Weeping : my 1st MMJ Track [originally released Sept 2017] ¤ The 4 Elementz [my Fave/Birth №] ¤ 1 of my all-time Fave Trackz ¤ More VocalZ n VoX added ______________________________________________ ⭐So Many FantaSTic Jammerz here... ReSpecT ✊⭐ ⭐Own VocaliSTz... BIG UP ✊⭐ ______________________________________________ ...ENJOY... Thankz 4 the MuZiC 4 your SupporT ✊ 4 ReaDin ✌️ 4 liSTenin ❤️

CuPpA DuB☆SiStaZ|S2T's Following
CuPpA DuB☆SiStaZ|S2T's Following

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