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Hello! Latias And Latios Here! Mood: A W E S O M E I Love Spongebob, So Let Me Know When You Drop A Spongebob Song. Presentings Must Have At Least 1 Like To Make More Songs Of Whatever I Present. People You HAVE to Listen To: L°-H! | Bio | MusicBoy #TWP CheesyPickles3 #TWP TRAPPEDSTARS Faceless Nicky Stilton Gifted Child Music Maker JAM DJ Pikachu!!! VELNAR 69 Oh Yee! 3 #TWP #OYT Freddymix#twp#oyt DJ Richu NOTORIOUS1 Countdown Glitch Toonny Charles343 KGarciA YABØII (Royalty) Marnie-Chan FadeEmUp01 ¿?oldbooster¿? Proud Member Of The Wacky Pinheads Leader Of U L T I M A T E P O K É M O N M A S T E R S (Members: CheesyPickles3 #TWP/Freddymix #TWP) Started Game Since May 5th 2017 Started Game Profile Since October 2017 BOOM! Yet I Don't Make Music Every Day. About Myself Age: 10 Gender: Male Hobbies: Making Music/Listening to Music/Playing Video Games Favorites Favorite 1st Followers: CheesyPickles 2 #TWP/ CheesyPickles 3 #TWP/Musicboy/ Nicky Silton Favorite MMJ Song: Drowned (An Old Megalo) Favorite 2nd Follower: God Beats Favorite TV Show: Spongebob Squarepants Favorite 3rd Follower: Spongebob Squarepants Favorite 4th Follower: DJ Pikachu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Favorite Video Games: MMJ/Minecraft/Pokémon FireRed/Pokémon Ultra Sun/Pokémon Shuffle Mobile/Super Mario Maker/Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/Cut The Rope Series #RoadTo1k #TWP #Hashtag I LOVE Fnaf Songs, Too, So Also Let Me Know When You Drop A New Freaking Fnaf Song! (Damn Boi!) About Myself 2 Name: HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO TELL, WELL PSYCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Fresh Outta ideas... I'll still be here... *sob* About Myself 3 B-Day: 1/5/08 2nd Favorite TV Show(I'm so embarrassed): The Powerpuff girls If You Follow Me, I Will 100% Follow You Back! Sometimes, I'll Even Follow You, Even if You Don't Follow Me! Even Sometimes, I'll Follow You If You Have at Least 1K Fans! Don't Worry. I Will Even Follow You If You Have Less Than 999 Fans. Rarely, I Might Follow You If U Have 0-9 Fans (Just To Be Nice) Started: 5/5/17 Started Profile: 10/?/17 Ending: ?/?/?? If You Ask Me To Be In Any Teams, I Will Probably Say Yes. Dreams: Being In Bic (Team) And Limitless (Team) Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Main Stage: 328 Ultra Challenges Won: 4 Great/Special/High Speed Challenges Won: Over 14 Expert Stage: 18 Expert Pokémon Caught: 19 (18 Meaning Genesect From A Special Challange)(19 Meaning Mewtwo From A Special Challange) Pokémon Caught: 307 Strongest Pokémon: Latios With 106 Damage Favorite Pokémon: TIE: Latias And Latios Pokémon Hoping To Catch: Black Kyurem Pokémon Stuck On: Magneton Weakest Pokémon: TIE: Aloha Diglett and Aloha Rattata (And Some More) Main Stages Won: I Stopped Counting Expert Stages Won: 18 Special Stages Won: Probably Over 100 2nd Pokémon Hoping To Catch: Marshadow Mega Stones Needed: Diancieite/Latiosite/Venisaurite/Charizardite X /Blastoiseite/Many More 3rd Pokémon Hoping To Catch: Deoxys (Attack Forme, Speed Forme, and Defensive Forme cuz I Have Normal forme) Pokémon I Really Need To Catch: TIE: Primal Kyogre (Level 700)/Primal Groudon (Expert Level 53) Hardest Pokémon Level: TIE: Mega Heracross/KlingKlang/Trevant Great/Special/High Speed Challenge Catches: Landorus (Therian Forme)/Kyogre/Mewtwo/Genesect/Landorus (Incarnate Forme)/Beedrill/Groudon/Cyndiquill (Winking)/Regirock/Noivern/Gyarados Nickname:!!! Pokémon I Have To Catch: Hoopa (Confined and Unbound) Ultra Challenge Catches: Meloetta (Pirouette Forme)/White Kyruem I Have Normal Deoxys. U Know How Mega Rayquaza Is Supposed To Be Very "Hard"? Well, It Wasn't A Problem To Me. I Only Beat It In 2-3 Tries. Like, Come On, It Was A Difficulty Of 5 Pikachus! I Even Skipped Some Levels To Lev. 300 From 3 Jewels. (Like, What The Hell?) MMJ Favorites: Favorite Styles (That I Have): Jam X Yabøii/Thug Life Hip-Hop/Drum and Bass/Dubstep/Electro Pop Styles That I Really Want: Urban Electro/Hard Style/Hustle Trap/Neurofunk DnB/Borgore/Speed Freak/Brostep/Brostep Vol. 2/Trap Fire/Jam X Ego Boycott: Tropical Bass/Arctic Dubstep Vol. 3/Jam X Cclo: Save The World/Only Young Once/Jam X Cee Feat. Homeboy Sandman: Now and Laters/Baile Funk ft. Cara Muru/Toxic HardStyle/Ultimate Trap/Cyberpunk DnB/Drum and Bass Vol. 3 Favorite Songs: Türn ït Døwn/Thë Clïmax/Awubzologista/WÆVY/Mellow King/Vibe/Trappin/Trappin 2/FREE(By L°-H!)/ spongebob squarepants (krabby patty remix)/Feel This(FutureTRAP)/D-M-B-W-Y(ÜrbanTRAP) Favorite Person: L°-H!/BlargenBlaze/Dj 4thHokage/YABØII (Royalty) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Become a U L T I M A T E P O K É M O N M A S T E R: 1. Ask Me If You Can Join The Ultimate Pokémon Masters Since I Am The Leader. OK? ... ! ,,, 2. If I Say Yes, Go To Your Description Of Your Profile (Unless Your Name Is Too Long) And Type, "Member (or Proud Member) Of The U L T I M A T E P O K É M O N M A S T E R S". 3. Remember 1 and 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules Of Ultimate Pokémon Masters: 1. You Can Copyright Any Of My Songs As Long As Credit Is Given To Me. 2. No Ex-members. Once A Member, Always A Member! 3. You Can't Join The Team If Your Profile Name Has A Bad Word In It. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goodbye! - Latias and Latios #TWP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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LatiasAndLatios #TWP's Following

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