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(γβπ) x (TFQ Crew)⭐ Independent French Male Jammer. Paris is Magical ! ⚡Gamma Conceptor ⭐Bêta Booster ☢️Pi Producer Style Maker, Beat Maker, Noise Maker, DJ, Songwriter, Amateur Singer, Growler, Hits hunter, and Bêta Tester for musical apps. Experimental Music only. Here since September 2016 My Crews (since 2020) : - The French Quality [TFQ] ————————————————————— My tastes : My Main Favourite styles : Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance and Moviescore. Other appreciated styles : Trap, DnB , RnB , Jazz, Blues, Swing, Funk , Soul , Latin, Dubstep , EDM, and Reggae. ————————————————————— My favourite Jammers : - Dinky N Ez B : (Lisa Fithian aka Dinksteriznangel) Specialist of DnB music, this American female angel is just divine and elfish ! She creates so beautiful songs always greatly mixed. She always tries to be the most professional and clean as possible in her work. I love her inspirations and tastes. She is very religious and she is a very beautiful person both inside and outside. Her support is real, sincere and faithful. I love her personality, we stand together artistically and we laugh a lot together. I consider her as my sister of music, even more my Angel who surveys me and my artistical evolution from the USA. She's my Lily Light forever. - ⭐⭐Twister MusiK⭐⭐ : (Kristy-Leigh) Specialist of Electronic music (Techno, Trance, DNB, Dance, EDM and Dubstep), this Canadian female angel is a musical storm ! She's both singer, songwriter, DJ and beatmaker ! That's why I call her Miss Tornado ! She's really amazing. She is progressing at an exponential rate. She creates powerful songs as me and she's a amazing singer too. With her crystal voice, she's able to sing difficult songs as those of Céline Dion, Mariah Carey, Christina Perri, Madonna, Tori Kelly and Freya Ridings... And even songs of Opera. She's my diamond friend and her support is really precious and meaning for me ! I've got a big respect for this giant talent ! - THE ➰KILLER (offline) This French man is a real producer and musician. He has certainly the best quality of mixing and mastering for songs in this game ! He's able to make awesome music with any style of music (Hip-hop, Trap, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, electro...) : No Limit in the Game ! He's really serious in his work. Everything he makes is killer ! So that there is a lot of new jammers who want to be called the killer ! Lmao! But only him deserves this Nickname ! He's my friend and I'm still waiting for my first collaboration with him... Jimmy is so busy ! - DJ BONESWAVES (Ex - DJ DEMOXX) This French man is an Amateur DJ and Beatmaker but he is very talented and is able to make crazy and sick productions. He loves exploring dark or festive atmospheres. He loves creating original mortal soundtracks and inventing new styles of music by the fusion of original MMJ mix packs. He often uses generally Trap, Hip-Hop, DNB, House, Hardstyle and Halloween. He would deserve more fans. I hope that won't drop his MMJ career. ————————————————————— I love full of other jams creators but certain of them that I've met in this community will stay in memory for ever, even if they stopped playing with this game or they became professional or they preferred their work or their studies. I've found out so many super talents in this community and I still discover others again in any style of music! As I don't have enough place to describe all my favourite players, I did a little list for my other friend jammers! ---------HIP-HOP/RAP/RnB/TRAP------- -HAKEEM GOLDEN - MATIC - BO$$ T - JMS (CALIZONA) - REBELDE⭐R3B3LD3⭐ - WENDY SPANO - $ON!A - Warrior Bish /Poki Bish /Mermaid Bish... -------MY French TOUCH FAMILY------- - Yo.44 - Gouzy - ManutheFox - Heartz of Noize - The ➰ Killer - SEB 43 (Touchard) - DAVID DJ - LeGeND (ex-Legioner), - XC€@ HARD FX - DJ Fox - Géronimo (⭐Géro MIX⭐ #RRR) - André Casini. ------------MY ROCK MATES------------ - CAPTAIN - GABY TRAVALINE - Iki Pearl - MΛRΨ = MARION = p Rock - Esteban Mortis (Steve Smith) -------MY FAVOURITE SINGERS--------- - Babel - Abby Rose - Kim Lippold - Leila - Zandunga. - Wayshower - SOULFOOD™️SOUL DESIGN / SoulForce ---------My ITALIAN JAMFAM------------ MAIKOL francescani - Mauro Turchetto - DJ AMBRA [email protected] ❤️⭐❤️ - DAVIDE FAEDO aka DF TECHNO - Giuseppe BERGONUOVO - Simone BATTAGLIONE - ERIKA (TRAP MUSIC) ---------OTHER DJ FRIENDS------------- - DJ KIWI - DJ DIMAS KONIGSBERG - DJ MICHAEL - DJ REBEL / EST UN PAYS LIBRE - Mrswalbard - RAYBYS HOUSE -------MY Unclassifiable JAMFAM------- - 2WICEBEATZ - SUMMER MASTERCLASS #RRR - ILLZ - Tom Z (Zier) - M!ZD - ROYZE -《▪▪▪ERROR ▪▪▪》 - My§ (Mysfit Maven) - Mad E. Vicious - Manzzi - Red Vixens - Ricksnchezismyspirit - Zirash ————————————————————— You can find me out on other social networks such as : YouTube : GAMMABÊTAPI ALPHATHÊTAPHI Facebook : GAMMABÊTAPI ALPHATHÊTAPHI Instagram : GAMMABÊTAPI Soundcloud : GAMMABETAPI ALPHATETAPHI Mixcloud: GAMMABETAPI ALPHATETAPHI


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