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Well Hi There, Wazzzzzzz Up Fool☺☺☺ (Easy Killer they aint ready 4 All Dat) All of what? "All Of Youuuuuu", Me!!???? L()()K at YOU, Look at Me look at Me Bro!! I Am YOUuuuuu ❤The offspring of Chaos and Expiration❤ Love and Pains Most Feared Weapon ❤️Founder of the FADEDRebellion❤️ ❤️✊Elite Force of Artist a lethal instrument of Destruction and Boundless Creations we are the Fine line that stands Between Heaven and Hell obligated to the whispering hidden in the Soundz and the echo's that are yet to be Found!!!✊❤️ Instagram/fadedsoundz4ever Youtube/FADED Soundz RapFame/FADED Soundz ❤️Joined MmJ 7/7/16❤ ❤Recruited into DOMINATION and ROYALTY❤ ❣️Triforce and One|||Sound❣️ Domination Balance ❤️✊ Real Recognize Real✊❤️ ✊❤️EMPIRE❤️✊ Also Recruited into: ❤️✊✊WDI=Why do I✊✊❤️ Too Nice 4 LIFE #TN4L #TL Why do I Jump when there is no Drum Why do I stand where there is no Ground Why do I Breathe less and less Oxigen Why can't I fly instead of Walking Why do I Rap lyrics even when few Understand they contract while I Extend You a native to these land's so Minus well pitch a tent and Call a Clan Strangers ^.^ ✊Phenomenal PROduction✊ ❤FamJam❤ ❤NascentRiotRecordz❤ ❤Exordium Productonz❤ ❤LimitLess❤ ❤️✊Protocol ✊❤️ ❤Legenday sounds❤️ ♡BlackArmy♡ ❤RhythmNation❤ ❤JamNation❤ ❤Wonda World Elites❤ ✊Silver Ballerz✊ ❤️RollsRoyceRecords❤️ Orginial Vocal and Lyrical Tracks of Mine: No Barz Pt.1-2 FADEDIntellect Pt. 1-3, FADED out of Orbit, FADEDAngel Faded4Life, FADED Surprise, FADED, She Fell in luv wit Uh, Kumbaya FADED Allegiance, Psychological Trauma Sparked a Fire, Lyically Astounding Over looking these Voltures and Crows Faded Freestyle 1-9, FROSTY Autism just a cursing or a given Blessing History in the Making, Unfolding Prophecy Can't Keep us Down ReMix/Orginal Cut through my Own Battles, Professionally Sensitive, Something in the Air Tonight, Dedicated to LiveEvil, Real Recognize Real FADED Cypher Lion's Den, RIP CHRIS, No Longer Chilling with the Best Ring around the Posey, Feeling is Blessed Dedication to all MmJ Vocalist Ruthless to all Conflicts, Ive already Concluded Love ALL creativity, attitude,and Heart❤ I'm 22 and I have a HUGE Fetish for $oundz✊❤️ Have a bad habit of liking before finishing but personally I'm a Final Fanially type of Artist✊❣️❣️ Music got me through a Dark Past so I really Enjoy getting lost in Soundz ❤ Love to Rap❤ Remember we all started with Zero Fan'z❤ Honestly just wanna make somebody's favorite song!!!✊ If you would like me to make you a Song ur free to Ask❤ Groups asked many asked ^.^ It's my Treat from me 2 you ❤MAD RE$PECT 4 all Artist❤ I know I'll never be Famous but I luv that people enjoy my Music on MmJ✊ ❤What's with ALL the Hearts..? I have a Broken one of my own and Music has been my only hero so Far❤ Music saved me when I had nothing else I use to draw but hands shake really bad now do to Puppy Love... don't get me wrong I still love to draw I actually drew my tats❤️ If you want others to listen and support your mixes listen and support them and their actually take time tell them something you liked or enjoyed about it or even give them some constructive criticism and I promise they will return the favor✊❤️ You don't gotta go to page to page telling people check your songs instead leave a little review of thier song and I promise you will be noticed and many people will check your song because seeing your review they will want one on their songs so they will come to you, that's all anyone wants is just to be Heard so take your time to listen and the same shall return to you❤️ Over 10 million Wonderful Jammer's in the community your not alone✊❤️ I met many amazing Artist and made some both friends and enemies I even found a Family of Artist who truly care about one another❤️ Born 6/29/97 The Legendary Vocalist of MmJ: M∆TIC, Big Mel, FATBOI, $teelCity, Gray Outlaw, IceMan, Cuppa Dub, Pamella, JMS, Hakeem, DJ Deadzert, Space-Cowboy, Victoria, STe_Ezy, NB Recordz, LiveEvil, EM, Krystal Ray ✊Enjoyable and Respected artist i Enjoy:✊ (There's so many to List won't be able Name them all it would probably be over a Hour Long Reading if i was too but i will try do my Best) ILLZ, CAMMY, ELLE, VASHTY, TWYCEBEATS, DJ QUAKE, MOB RADIO, SUMMER, MIZ D, HOOLIGAN, NOTORIOUS, TWISTER, IKI PEARL, QUEEN, EMOTIONAL MUSIK, ACURO BLACK, PENNY PIE, KAY BLENDZ, VENOM BIC, PAEOSAURUS, DOUBLE DERP, MATHIAS CHRISTIAN, ESPECIAL KID, VERUSH, ORBIT PROJECT, ESTELLE, AMBRA. M, THE FLASH, GOLD LION, EST UN PAYS LIBRE, ROYZE, TASHA, GINDO, MARZWORLD, MARRY, SPANO Didn't have the Prettiest Childhood Sounds saved my LIFE helped me get through it so probably Forever Indebted❤️ I really Enjoy Mixing and I love Rapping steadily finding confidence in my voice with Everyday passes honestly it's a really fun talent to have so I'm never gonna let it go, Never Invisioned my words making impacts on people's lives❤️ Empire , music group. Officially launched in Music Maker Jam on September 2018. We strive for the development, support and communication among the members of Music Maker Jam from all corners of our planet.

❤FADED$oundz™❤'s Following
❤FADED$oundz™❤'s Following

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