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This is my second channel, I lost my first 1.;( You may recognize me by my other ​profile, MineFNaFThePstnGmr²² Follow now please if u like my songs I want my other followers, my dear fans ;( (I had 412 fans on my other profile, I think:'() My Fan goal is 400, then 500, 600, then 700, and so on. +---------------------------+ Thanks for 251 fans so far! wow! ---↑5/5/18|7:08 AM↑--- Please listen to the whole song if you play one of mine! ~Things you need to know about me~ I am a furry! Favorite Color: Brown Gender: Male Age; 16 Language: English, barely any German (I really like the language and I'm kinda getting in to it!!) Favorite Band: Vitalic Favorite Music Genre: Electronic Music Favorite Songs: Fade Away-Vitalic|Stamina-Vitalic| Second Lives-Vitalic |Lick the rainbow-Mord Fustang|Encore-Digitalism|2 Hearts-Digitalism|Back of your neck- Howler|Animals (Hadouken Remix)- Kids in Glass Houses|Shoot me down-Stanton Warriors|Runnin' away- Skryptcha|Bullseye- KDrew|Ghost in a can V1- Blokhe4d|Silicone Lube-Feed Me|Lies-Fenech Soler(Alex Metric Remix)|Lies-Fenech Soler|Levitate-Hadouken|Got You-Michael White|Anxiety-Redial|1989 - The Rakes ----------------------------------------------- Favorite TV-Shows: ---------------------++----------------------- Kingdom Hospital Heroes Heroes Reborn Doctor Who Shetland The Simpsons Rose Red (Stephen King) Unforgotten Big Train •••[Lol and a lot more than I can remember!]••• ==≠≠∞∞∞∞≠≠==≈≈==≠≠∞∞∞∞≠≠== Be sure to follow me on YouTube: (MineFNaFGaming​)→→ (My name is now Fox G/\MING!!) ------↑5/23/18|2:47 PM↑------ –EDIT:– --5/25/18|10:57 PM-- NOW Fox G∆MING! --------↓5/9/20|11:39PM↓-------- Here's a link to my latest song / video as of the date above: https://youtu.be/TMShju5vJvI ----------------------------- B.T.W., everything before this ( or almost everything!!) was typed when I first started this profile, when I was younger, and, quite frankly, stupider. Therefore, It is mostly cringe. Not that anything after this isn't, because it probably is, too. ~~~--Social Media:--~~~ YouTube: Fox G∆MING. SoundCloud: MineFNaFBeatz Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/journals/minefnafgamingyt/ or, in other words MineFNaFGamingYT Deviantart https://minefnafgamingyt.deviantart.com/ or, in other words: MineFNaFGamingYT Trello (V౯NTURE PR∅GR౯SS): https://trello.com/b/LqPD9PBz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S.: NTF=Nolan the Fox, which = My fursona ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Feel free to criticize me, just be warned, I'll probably criticize you back!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOTICE: You can criticize me for being a furry, I really don't care what you have to say when it comes to criticism. Note:-~~ If it's constructive criticism, (like in terms of my songs) then please, go ahead! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Plans: ⬜Go fursuiting!! (Once I get a fursuit) [P.S. WHICH WILL BE IN A COUPLE OF YEARS :'( {When I'm 18, which, gladly isn't too far away}) ⬜Get drawing commission (Once commissions are opened up again) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Before you ask, the profile picture is not by me, check out Thanshuhai on DeviantArt and FurAffinity; the only thing I did was re-color it. So, the orange fur, white fur, and the blue ear were the things that I colored. Also, most of the cover art is by Thanshuhai, I just use the art as covers for my songs. So, I don't draw my cover art. Because I'm crap at drawing anthropomorphic animals. Slash furries. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ God, this is one long bio, isn't it?? –––––––-------———-----–––––––––––– GAMES I OWN: Forza Horizon 4 Forza Horizon 3 Forza Horizon 2 Forza Horizon Forza Motorsport 4 My Summer Car Steam VR Windows Mixed Reality ✖Oculus✖ Nope. Not Anymore. Revive Garry's Mod Scrap Mechanic Minecraft Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Lego Indiana Jones Lego Star Wars Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Dirt Showdown Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Lego Movie Game Subnautica Steam Beam.NG Drive Automation Cities Skylines House Flipper Hand Simulator Job Simulator Planet Coaster YLands Half Dead Half Dead 2 Homebrew Patent Unknown Space Engineers Portal Portal 2 A Chair in a Room: Greenwater Job Simulator Spore Freedom Locomotion VR Raft 7 Days to Die Landlord's Super =========°=×××=°============== Ich Bin Das Pelzig ============================= Games I'd like: Prison Architect ============================= Games I've had: =============≠=============== Other random stuff I have: =============÷=============== A doggo A Tablet SFM (Source Filmmaker) Blender (The 3D Modeling Software) A brain A sweet tooth CHOCOLATE. The cake is a lie.

FØX MÛSIC/NTF (bio)'s Following
FØX MÛSIC/NTF (bio)'s Following

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