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Loudly launch music ‘AI Studio’


Loudly have brought AI to the masses with the launch of their ‘Loudly AI Music Studio’ mobile application. Loudly AI Music Studio is a collaborative music production platform designed with a mission to enhance creativity for millions of musicians around the world. 

A beta version of the new Artificial Intelligence led music creation tool is now exclusively available on Android via Patreon, where Loudly are inviting you to invent the future of music, and make the next step into the ‘Era of the AI Composer’.

InventTheFuture - Loudly AI Studio

By becoming a Patron of Loudly, users can access a download link for the AI Studio and immediately experiment with the AI; generate song compositions, blend genres and gain access to Loudly's mix packs.

Via the Patreon page, subscribers will have the chance to vote for new in-app features, review user interfaces, and contribute to the AI’s training data.

A full desktop and mobile application is slated for release in 2021, developed in collaboration with Patron feedback and community input.

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