Our mission is to empower you to get the best music for your digital projects - to save you time, money and unnecessary hassle - so that you can ultimately grow your channels and connect more deeply with your audiences! We provide a simple Unlimited, Worldwide, Perpetual license allowing you to use our music in your videos, websites, apps, podcasts, livestreams, advertising media, social media channels and more. In addition, we have built incredibly powerful technology that allows you to customize music easily to fit your video or media project. We are the future!

Simple - you can now customize music to fit your project in two ways: 1) tap on the customization icon in the track list to reach the advanced song customization screen. Here, you can select the instruments you want, choose from different energy levels and download the stems. 2) Upload your video into Loudly and then easily customize a track to fit by length, energy, variation. Simple and powerful, to make your life easier!

As our mission is to give you full control over where you release your digital projects, we have worked hard to develop a music catalogue where we own 100% of the rights. This means that we can grant the rights for you to release and monetize your media project across any digital platform including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc,.... Check out our subscription tiers to understand which license is best for you.

We’ve designed our service to be as simple as possible and with a goal to make sure that your digital projects are protected and future-proof from any licensing issues. There are 3 criterias that we set: 1) Size of your business 2) Advertising 3) Transactional purposes. Creator is primarily for independent creators who want to grow and monetize their YouTube or social media channels. Pro caters primarily to professional freelancers, registered companies and agencies who want to include our music in their advertising campaigns or services/apps. Premium applies primarily to larger companies, entertainment companies or where there is a transactional intent. Check out our subscription tiers to understand which license is best for you. If you are a larger company, then please read section 3.5 in our License Agreement or contact us directly on [email protected].

Yes! You can use our music on YouTube, Facebook and any digital platform in the world and even future platforms coming into the market. There are no limitations on followers, number of views or how you monetize - unlimited usage and freedom!

Yes! Our catalogue is full of music specifically designed for 15 - 30 - 60 second video ads. Whether you are a professional freelancer, agency or small business producing lots of advertising content for social media platforms, simply sign up to our PRO subscription tier and access our rapidly growing catalogue. If you are releasing your advertising video on TV broadcast, Video Streaming, IPTV, VOD, Cinema - then you must purchase a unique license by reaching out to us via [email protected]. We can arrange this within 24 hrs.

Yes - we offer unlimited downloads and the ability to use our music across an unlimited number of projects - as long as you release your project during the subscription period. No restrictions!

No. Any digital project you release during an active subscription period automatically grants you a perpetual license for the music, i.e. it lasts forever. Never worry about a takedown request again!

Nothing! As part of a Subscription License, you can use all of our music in your projects as long as you are a subscribed member. If you choose to cancel your subscription, your license covers all existing projects - but you will not be able to use our music in new ones. Membership has its benefits!

YouTube allows you to dispute the claim directly with them. Then, you can submit a claim to us on [email protected] and we will work with you to get this issue resolved quickly.

No, sorry - the song doesn’t belong to you since you are not the original artist. All of the content on our site is copyrighted material. While we encourage everyone to customize our tracks, we only permit Subscribers to combine our music with an audio-visual project or integrate into a web/ app experience. If you attempt to release our music via a distribution service or directly on a music streaming service, you put yourself at legal risk. Respect artists and copyright!

Yes; we can prepare you a unique license for this type of release, but it is not inclusive within our standard Subscription tiers. Simply contact us on [email protected].