AI background music helps creative productions break through the noise

AI background music is most often searched for by creators looking for instrumental music to accompany other video or audio pieces. Using a music composition composed by artificial intelligence is a groundbreaking way to take creative arts one step further. One of the earliest and most beautiful examples of background music comes from live pianists who used to play background music to accompany early silent films in the 1920s.

However, in more recent years, since the invention of the smartphone and the age of constant digital consumption, the usage of background music has become more common. It has become so regular and normalized that some brands or content creators pay little attention to it. Even most listeners rarely notice standard background music in their digital content - unless the creator has chosen something to make their piece stand out, like AI background music.

You’d never guess that the following track came from a machine learning program.⁠ 'La Vieja School' meets big beat in this ethereal, upbeat soundtrack that blends a nostalgic theme with futuristic vibes.⁠ Let the reverberating, dramatic drums and funky bassline provide the momentum to blast you forward, while the synth key melody brings back memories from the past:⁠

For digital creators in today’s times, AI background music can be that unique sonic differentiator. AI, or artificial intelligence, is a combination of machine learning mechanisms that allow computers to have human-like outputs, including creativity, adaptation according to user preferences, and more. AI music composition has been developing over the past few years, but no software has come as close to producing human-level, high quality AI background music as the AI Studio.

We are a machine learning music software built by creatives to allow users to work alongside the AI to create unique new tracks without previous music production experience for beautiful AI background music. The program was available to supporters of the project via Patreon as it worked through development stages into a final product.

By working alongside the AI Studio, as a collaborator and co-creator, the user maintains their creative lead. Loudly’s AI programming is simply a supporter in helping the creative’s visions come to life.

From energy level, mood, genre, and more, the machine learning software listens to the user’s preferences and produces a track of high quality AI background music based on those inputs. This allows greater expansion than ever before in accessibility to music creation, which is perfect for creators who want to find the exact, one-of-a-kind score of original background music to fit their video, podcast, or other digital content.

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