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Explore Loudly's rapidly evolving AI Music Generator which makes it easier than ever to create and customize high-quality music. Get inspired, create your own tracks!


Turn your vibe into a sound

Loudly’s AI Music Generator delivers unlimited high-quality songs that are unique to you.

How to make AI-generated music


Build your song

Select genre and other options to make your music unique.


Generate tracks

Get new music tracks fast and listen to your creations.


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Loudly's AI generated music are never-before-heard tracks across popular genres from cinematic to hip-hop, and it's the perfect new music solution for video creators, filmmakers, music producers, advertisers and more....

Instant music creation

Make AI music with a click of a button and hear amazing tracks generated across multiple genres and moods. We empower creators to get the music they want, fast.


Your AI music assistant

Loudly's AI Music Generator is designed to make music with you. Simply input your commands and Loudly will do the rest, delivering unique AI music results every time. It's fun and interactive.

Music & beats that bounce

Loudly is an AI song maker which generates complex musical compositions with a multitude of song structures. It's also an incredible AI beat maker with the latest trending sounds from Techno to Trap and more...


One powerful license, global reach

Loudly's AI music tracks are royalty-free so you never have to worry about takedowns or claims. Use your new tracks safely across social media channels, apps, websites, podcasts and more. Perfect for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram!


Beautiful human sounds

Loudly's AI generated music comes from a pool of 200,000+ audio sounds which are beautifully crafted by professional music producers in high-grade studio environments.

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