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How AI software is revolutionizing music

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a growing force in almost every industry. AI is defined by Britannica as “the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.”

These tasks are often distinguished by intelligence processes typical of humans. For example, the ability to reason, discover meaning, generalize, or learn from past experience. The power of AI software is increasingly relevant and only just started to be noticeable in our daily life. From self-driving cars to proactive disease mapping to automated financial investing - the impact across various sectors is impossible to ignore.

Despite the continuing advances in technology in the AI software sector, there are still no programs which come close to the true human abilities, flexibility in tasks, or knowledge of everyday life - particularly related to cultural and social norms and undertones. Emotions are intricately and distinctly human, which is why AI music has been a largely untouched frontier. Music and emotion are so closely linked, that it is difficult for a machine to create art that would bring the same level of emotion to a human listener.

You’d never guess that these beach-bound tropical vibes came from a machine learning program.⁠ For this track, the AI was directed to combine EDM and tropical music genres, with upbeat, funky moods for a high-energy track:⁠

This is where Loudly AI Music Studio is opening a new creative frontier. Machine learning, or AI learning, is entering the music space, with many AI-powered plugins, VSTs, and other production tools becoming common in the modern producer’s toolkit. However, using an AI-powered product to help create a reactive FX, for example, is quite different from using an intelligent machine to co-build an entire track.

The fact that the AI is trainable, and can learn about a user’s preferences makes it a reactive and productive co-creator. Loudly’s AI has been built with music creators in mind. The AI has analysed hundreds of thousands of audio loops which were tagged by human ear to most accurately represent and access human emotional responses. By using this training data, the program can now make selections based on a user’s preferences thanks to its machine learning abilities.

The center of Loudly’s mission is to be responsible and respectful to music creators, in creating a tool that aids the production process. Our product is one that will make music creation faster, flow more easily, or simply provides inspiration for a producer.

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