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Music made by AI is changing the way we create and consume music

AI (Artificial intelligence) has entered the music world slowly and steadily over the past 50 years. From synthesized melodies to professional plugins to music created by AI, the options for this technology seem endless. While many avenues have been explored, there is still plenty to discover about how AI composers and AI created music will disrupt the music industry, revolutionize the music creation process and even change music consumption habits.

AI created music serves its highest potential as a tool to assist creators. While most AI DAW plugins help producers build tracks more efficiently, there are plenty others that serve a purpose of inspiring. AI created music can inspire a new direction for a track, or be sampled, twisted, and recreated. AI Music Studio is exactly that: a studio, a home for creation and collaboration. However, the studio as we know is changing. Instead of just allowing for human collaboration, the AI Music Studio allows humans and machine learning technology to collaborate.

This will revolutionize the music creation process by allowing even more people to contribute as creators. Mastering music production tools and software often takes years, and the process for building tracks is time-consuming as well. Allowing people with little to no music production experience to create high quality music has never been an option before.

With AI Music Studio, they can create high quality music that pushes boundaries that even advanced human producers can struggle with. Things like blending genres, moods, and energy levels at the click of a button all become possible. The room for experimentation will produce things far beyond what we could possibly expect or understand.

The following track has been created by the AI Music Studio app. This track provides a certain level of ambience for an ethereal, uplifting vibe - perfect for a short film, podcast jingle, or advertisement-style positive content targeted towards Gen Y and Gen Z.

Clean House: Atmospheric synths, a poppy baseline and dreamy vocal chops are cleanly layered for a minimalist track:

The limits of AI created music are still not understood - but one thing's for sure: the way we consume music is likely to change. Even famous and groundbreaking artists will likely include some type of AI created  music in their creative process and/or their discography. When regular people are able to easily create original new music that suits their unique preferences, overall music consumption patterns will change and will undoubtedly incorporate more AI created music.

In the world of music, the impact of AI created music has yet to be seen to its fullest. However, if one thing is for certain about the potential of music made by AI - it’s that nothing is certain.

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