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The newest revolutionary tool for experienced producers and new creators

No matter the level of experience, AI music generators provide a unique new way to give experienced producers tools and inspiration, while new creators can access a new creative outlet.

AI generated music is far from a new concept, but it's starting to have groundbreaking effects on the current music scene. Artists like Flume and Grimes, and thousands more, have used AI music generators in their compositions, and don’t shy away from admitting it. They might take a snippet of the AI generated music and loop it, distort it, or use it as is. Alternatively, artists might simply draw inspiration from the music and leave it as is.

AI music generators are valuable in that they can provide a similar type of randomized beauty as nature and wildlife. AI compositions can be perfect to draw inspiration from, despite the fact that nature is not aware that it is providing inspiration and beauty to the beholder. This is the opposite of a human-created source of art, which is often created with the goal in mind to provide inspiration and work as a source of beauty to the beholder.

The following track, Top Speed, was created with AI Music Studio. This Drum N Bass track combines elements of Jungle with Liquid for a heavy, dancefloor-ready tune that is sure to make you sweat. High intensity drums and fat bass are complemented by gentle melodic keys in an epic track that doesn't stop evolving.

With the introduction of accessible, in-your-pocket AI music generators comes the opening of the doors of music production. Now, anyone with access to apps like AI Music Studio can co-create amazing AI generated music without any previous production knowledge. This massive increase in accessibility will create space for music to expand in new ways that we have never seen before, inevitably leading to advancements in the industry and in the art itself.

Ultimately, experts agree that AI music generators are most useful as tools to help creators, rather than machines to replace creators. AI music generators can help producers create art faster and more efficiently. They can also provide a new, randomized source of inspiration for a track. Giving people with little-to-no music production knowledge the ability to create quality music to suit their own preferences, tastes, and experiences, is also one of the many ways that AI generated music will revolutionize music.

AI Music Studio was created to provide these benefits, and more. Get started to see how AI generated music can inspire and improve  your creative process!

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