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Uses for AI music range from background music for video creators to inspiration for music producers

AI apps allow limitless uses for AI Music by giving everyone the ability to create quality music, no matter how much or little technical music production knowledge they have. 

The best uses for AI music range from background music, music for commercial use, and to helping advanced producers find inspiration. Furthermore, AI apps allow inexperienced creators to make quality music. This increase in accessibility ultimately adds to the music arts form and industry in new exciting ways.

Background music is a perfect use for AI music because of the niche mood, genre, and energy level that many videos or environments require. Instead of spending hours scrolling through online websites and music libraries trying to find the perfect song, creators will soon be able to create the perfect song themselves, with the help of AI apps like AI Music Studio.

By creating new, original works of art with AI Music, creators won’t have to worry about copyright infringement laws or community guidelines content rules, because they will completely own the music they created with the AI app.

For these reasons, AI apps are also a great tool for creating music for commercial use. AI music allows commercial producers expensive hours spent curating music, contracting copyrights, or hiring private musicians to create music simply for a short advertisement. Instead, with the help of AI apps, companies can create their own original music that fits the exact targets of the audience and vibe they want to create in their content.


The following track, Open Again, was created using AI Studio, which allows the creator to simply input the desired mood, energy level, genre and more details into the program. This track used inspiration from EDM, and the AI selected loops complete with trancey arpeggiated synths, breakbeat drums, and a club-ready mix down. This impressive mix feels human, familiar, and liek a brighter outlook for the future:

Advanced producers have started using AI generated music as a tool in their craft for a few years now. Even famous artists like Flume and Grimes speak openly on the various aspects of AI music which they incorporate into their art. From using AI music as a sample, as a tool, or simply as a source of inspiration - the options are endless. New artists are discovering new ways to use AI music every day. Experts speculate that AI music will be just as revolutionary for music as past inventions like the electric guitar, synthesizer or sampler.

AI music serves a great purpose for new creators with little to no music production experience as well. People that want to create original pieces of music but never had the chance to learn, now have the tools to create quality works. Many people lack the technical know-how to mix and master, but have groundbreaking ideas on blending genres, moods and energy levels of music: an AI app like AI Music Studio can bridge this gap and allow everyone to create music.

The most exciting thing to remember when considering the “best” uses for AI Music is that the best uses are probably still undiscovered. Artists, creators, and every day people are now presented with a new horizon of music creation, and we are so excited to provide them with access to this new world with AI apps like AI Music Studio.

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