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AI technologies allow creators with little to no experience to create their own amazing music

Artificial intelligence technologies are advancing across every sector - but its uses in arts and music are especially beautiful.

Almost every day, new advancements in AI technologies are in the news. From TeslaÔÇÖs self-driving cars to household robots, almost every industry is being revolutionized by artificial intelligence technologies. The music and arts industries will be no different. Visual arts have already seen impressive new creations, with works like ai-da making people question the role humans will play in art in the future. However, in the music industry, it seems apparent that AI technologies will remain as a tool for human-lead creation.

Apps like AI Music Studio utilize artificial intelligence technologies to create machines that act as a collaborator and co-creator, allowing users to make amazing music even if they have little to no technical knowledge or production experience. This increase in accessibility is one of the most important things that AI technologies can provide. It allows more people to create, to get interested in music, and ultimately will drive forward the industry of music by setting a higher bar of creativity for artists who create without AI technologies - if they continue to exist.

­čĺąThe following track, Ominous Presence, was built by a producer using the AI Music Studio app, with the goal of creating a cinematic, ambient, lower energy level piece.

Many artists and musicians are already open about their collaborations and creations made with artificial intelligence technologies. While some simply use AI music as a source of inspiration, some might use it as a tool to create, or a source of music to sample from. The uses for AI technologies in music are endless, and there is still a lot of ground to be explored.

Using AI technologies to explore that ground for yourself is more accessible now than ever, thanks to the AI Music Studio. Novice creators can easily experiment with blending genres, creating music with specific moods and energy levels, and more.

The AI technology that our app uses builds music based off of various loops of different instruments and vocals. These loops have been tagged on energy level and emotions by hand by a team of experts, to give the AI that human touch that all music requires. After processing this information, AI Music Studio has the knowledge it needs to help anyone create amazing music, with the exact mood, energy level, and genre that the creator desires.

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