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Artificial Intelligence in music enables creators to collaborate with machine learning

Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, sounds like an intimidating, potentially anti-human force. This idea was heavily misled by pop culture, starting from old fashioned anti robot movies up until the “stealing our jobs” sentiment of modern working classes against machine learning programs. In reality, artificial intelligence is a powerful tool which can advance human work processes, from tools in factories, to robots in healthcare, to co-creators in music.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in music is a relatively new concept, which has been used for various projects both for music listeners and creators for the past several years. However, artificial intelligence software has always been advancing and producing new, interesting results.

Algorithms for music discovery, like those of Spotify, YouTube, and even earlier, in the Pandora Radio era, used machine learning to power artificial intelligence formulas that would learn about a listener’s music taste, and match them with tracks to suit their preferences.

For music creators, artificial intelligence powered plugins can range from synths which create melodies based on the producer’s preferences, to workflow and organization plugins which help producers stay organized. Whether it is to work more efficiently or take inspiration from new creative ways, there is certainly a place for artificial intelligence and machine learning software in any music producers set up.

The need for this niche translates beyond the traditional music producer’s studio. Making music production more accessible to everyone has been a goal of music hardware and software companies worldwide. Thanks to the popularity of electronic music, the rise of music-making apps on smartphones, and increased access to wifi, data, and the ability to share and collaborate, music creation has become more of an open process than ever.

With this increase in creators comes an increase in ideas, variety, and growth of the arts themselves. The rise in artificial intelligence and machine learning music creation is only going to boost this global artistic growth, and we are so excited to be a part of it with AI Studio.

Very Chilled is a song created using AI Studio. This mellow track is the perfect background music for rainy days or nostalgic nights. Allow the melancholic horns, lo-fi hip hop drums, and ambient pads tug at your heartstrings in this gently emotional track. 🎵This track was created with the goal of combining Ambient and Lounge genres, with moods of melancholy and relaxation.⁠ The way this track makes us feel gives us hope for the future of machine learning and music:

AI Studio makes the music creation process more accessible, open, and efficient for creators from all over the world. We are a sister company to Music Maker JAM, a global mobile app enabling anyone to make high quality music from their smartphone. Music Maker JAM helped millions of producers around the world to create and share music, and AI Studio mirrors this mission on a more advanced level.

Our advanced music AI technology allows anyone to co-create a brand new, unique track alongside our machine learning software. Even someone with no music production experience can share their artistic vision by directing our AI on which mood, genre, energy level, and more, that they want to capture in their track. Artificial intelligence in the music industry is new and ever-changing, and AI Studio is on a mission to bring these advancements into the hands of everyday creators.

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