With all the content we consume on a daily basis, it can easily feel like there’s now way you can keep up with the level of quality displayed. However, you might be surprised by how many of your favorite creators employ some of the simplest tactics. The best doesn’t necessarily have to mean the most expensive, so here are a few tools for content creators to consider.

1. Recording Equipment

Whether your medium is video or audio-only like podcasting, these two simple tools can make a huge difference.

For photographers and videographers, lighting is key! The right lighting can instantly make your photos or videos more dynamic.

While an expert lighting setup can involve multiple lights and run you thousands of dollars, if you have one key light, you’re already 90% of the way there.

Many vloggers and beauty channels have been using LED ring lights for years to accentuate themselves or products in front of the camera.

Now that the majority of the world has had to shift to at-home meetings on video all day, the popularity of ring lights or similar types have skyrocketed.

Simply place the ring light key light on whichever side of the camera you are facing, make subtle tweaks, and observe how much of a difference it makes!

This next piece applies for both those on camera and off. Even the most casual viewer or listener can tell when audio quality is not up to snuff.

Having clean and clear audio is essential to maintaining professional content.

2. Canva

Even the simplest content often involves some level of graphic design.

You can be a Youtuber or podcaster but you’ll still need to create a thumbnail for the content you release.

Most design tools for content creators like Adobe Photoshop are expensive and take a lot of practice to master.

An app like Canva lowers the bar of entry for both skill and price and allows anyone to create professional designs with little experience.

Canva offers users thousands of templates for not only social media content, but physical aspects of your business as well.

So next time you need business cards, custom t-shirts, or to simply create attention-grabbing thumbnails, give Canva a whirl.

3. Loudly

If you think about any video or your favorite scene in a show or movie, there’s one underlying factor that you may or may not be aware of: the music.

That heart-pumping chase scene or that tear-jerking moment would be nothing without the music to elicit those emotions.

Loudly has a catalog of thousands of songs that are guaranteed to fit any moment you’ve captured. With one license, you gain access to top-notch royalty-free music created by real producers. 

Unlike other music catalogs, Loudly allows you to preview how your videos look with the tracks you’re browsing all without leaving the app.

Any editor will tell you that this saves heaps of time, keeps your workflow streamlined, and lets you get back to capturing more of the content you love.

Download the app for Android or iOS.

4. Invoicing Apps

This one is definitely not an exciting one, but it’s one of the most crucial tools for content creators that is often overlooked.

Sending and creating invoices is easily every freelancer’s worst nightmare. But finding the right app can make creating, sending, and keeping track of invoices a breeze.

Apps like Wave allow you to create professional invoices for free, with a system that helps you keep track of your clients and your cash flow.

Apps like this also help you automate collecting payments, finally getting rid of awkward conversations and keeping you focused on your next project.