Finding new royalty-free music can sometimes be a laborious task. Whether it’s music libraries that feel stale and outdated, or simply being inundated with too many tracks to choose from, we understand the struggle. Our producers are constantly curating and creating tracks that keep up with trends that match your creative output. To get you started, here are 5 fresh songs for your videos.

“Inflation Hits”

This R&B/soul beat is the perfect track for an explainer video or tutorial. When it comes to music, utilizing the “less is more” approach often has the sweetest rewards. “Inflation Hits” is as meditative as it is hypnotic, with layers of guitar chords that provide both a foundation and floating melody. The addition of groovy neo-soul drums tie this track together, making it a perfect song for your video.

“Future Hop”

Daytime travel videos seem to get all the love. With epic beach drone shots or breathtaking landscapes, it makes total sense. But what about those treks through a city with dazzling skyscraper lights? With its fresh mix of future dubstep and trap, this track is a perfect companion for your nighttime vlogs.

“Cinematic Drums”

 If you have a scene that has high stakes, with action b-roll, or even epic slow motion sports shots, you’ll need a track to match the intensity. “Cinematic Drums” is all business with a full ensemble of percussion instruments that will give your video all the energy it needs.

“Dubby Cool”

Virtual tours of properties, whether residential or cool exotic villas, are becoming increasingly popular. When you’ve got next-level footage that’s sleek and stylish, try this amongst your songs for your videos of a must-stay location.


Not every video calls for high-octane music that gets your heart pumping. Sometimes you need a song for your video that will pull at your viewer’s heartstrings while keeping up the pace. “Thoughtful” has the perfect balance of an emotional piano part with light synth swells and carefully crafted drums that give the feeling of forward motion.

The search for the perfect songs for your videos should never be a process you dread. Loudly has built a library that will be your creative companion, giving you curated options to choose from and the ability to customize tracks to suit your needs. Have a look for yourself in our iOS and Android apps, or online today!