YouTube is undeniably the grandfather of the visual content we’ve come to enjoy today.

As our ability to easily document our lives progressed from camcorders to the phones in our pockets, YouTube grew and adapted along with us.

Whether you’re creating documentaries or short vignettes, here are 5 mistakes you should avoid to be successful on YouTube.

1. Use copyright-free music

When first starting your YouTube journey, it can be easy to overlook a very crucial aspect to content creation: music.

From shopping in the mall, dining at your favorite restaurant, and that part of The Notebook that gets you every time. Without music, all of these moments fall flat.

The same goes for your content. Even having the simplest track underpinning your video on “How to upload YouTube videos on Instagram” can help keep your viewer’s attention. What would that epic vlog on the best places to eat in Bali feel like without the perfect soundtrack to match the b-roll of crashing waves?

Most importantly, make sure you only use music from royalty-free music libraries to avoid any flags for copyright infringement, which can result in content removal or account blockage.

The last thing you want is for your hard work to be flagged because you used a song without permission!

2. Post Regularly

While the mere thought of becoming a popular youtuber can be intoxicating, it’s important to channel that excitement into a proper schedule.

Be pumped to release that first video! However, almost just as important as your first video, is your followup. 

It’s recommended to post 2-3 times a week for the first few weeks, and then move down to once a week.

This is rewarded by the YouTube algorithm and it’s the perfect way to capture a potential new subscriber’s attention.

Schedule your videos for release on a consistent day and time, so your subscribers know when to expect something new!

3. Use marketing tools provided

Even the best marketing creatives use the tools that YouTube themselves provide. The YouTube Creator Studio is a powerful marketing tool: tags, playlists, categories and monetization are all great opportunities to take advantage of. 

There’s another way to understand the importance of utilizing these tools.

Simply put, while these are presented as the best way to market your videos, ultimately these tools also help YouTube make money by ensuring these are perfectly suited for the ads they serve.

It’s in their best interest to give you the best tools to be successful on YouTube.

4. Touch up your videos with the online video editor

As your channel grows, you’ll begin to find your voice and unique style.

You’ll soon have themes, playlists, and recurring concepts that your subscribers will be looking forward to.

Trimming videos, adding end cards and annotations to direct traffic to other videos is the best way to keep viewers looped into your carefully crafted ecosystem.

YouTube's editor is a convenient tool that provides many tricks to help you grow your following with ease.

5. Don’t let traffic stagnate on one platform

No matter where you start your content creation career, it’s always beneficial to expand your reach. Everyone has their platform of choice.

While some have accounts for each social media, others are religiously devoted to a select few. It’s important to adapt your videos for the different formats that each platform highlights.

Your YouTube channel on makeup tutorials that consist of 3-5 minute videos can easily be broken down to bite-sized clips for TikTok or Instagram that then link back to your main channel.

That future makeup artist that fell in love with your quick tips on TikTok can now dig deeper into your channel that has more in-depth content.

Try to embrace all the platforms at your disposal. If you figure out how to make them all work for you, you’ll soon find yourself making videos inspiring others on how to be successful on YouTube in their own right!