No matter how long you’ve been a YouTube creator, you know that your content needs to be interesting, but what else can you do to increase your subscriber count? This guide walks you through 7 strategies that anyone can use to increase their YouTube subscribers. These strategies will help you to grow as a content creator and get the most out of your content marketing efforts.

Interaction Means Engagement 

This is the biggest lesson YouTube teaches us: if you want a person to interact with your brand, they need to feel they’ve been heard. So much of what we do online is transactional—we buy something and then we leave. But when you post a video on YouTube and someone leaves a comment, that’s not just a transaction; it’s an investment. It takes time for people to make comments on videos, so when you respond by thanking them and responding to their concerns, you're not only keeping them engaged but also making them feel valued as well as loyal fans who will keep coming back for more! This is easily the most essential and simplest way to gain YouTube subscribers.

YouTube Studio Features

YouTube Studio allows you to customize your channel and its content in a variety of ways. You can find many useful video editing tools in this section, such as adding a “Subscribe” button as a clickable watermark for each of your videos. It gives your viewers another actionable item every time they view one of your videos.

There are also other helpful features available, such as, the ability to create playlists that group together related videos so that users can easily navigate between them (this is especially helpful if you have several different series on topics like music or fashion).

Knowledge is Power

If you have a decent amount of videos already, check your own analytics to see which of those videos gained you the most new YouTube subscribers. This can be an indication of which content resonated most with viewers and convinced them that they needed to see more of your content.

Once you've found some winning videos, take note of what made them so appealing to viewers. Did they include something unique? Was it longer than other similar videos on YouTube? Was it shorter than usual? Did they make use of humor or another unusual element?

Explore Options & Take Risks

If your type of content allows for it, there’s no shame in making a few videos that are amongst the most popular types viewed. You can try: how-to videos, reaction videos, comparison vids, or lean on your expertise to make a “listicle” video.

Optimize Videos for YouTube Search 

Keep your YouTube keywords, video titles, and thumbnails in focus. These are the most important aspects that determine whether potential viewers are even shown your content as an option to click on.

The title should be clear and descriptive. The more relevant keywords you can include in it, such as phrases like “best” or “top 10″ add tons of value to ensure your videos show up under relevant searches on YouTube’s platform.

Your thumbnail should also be engaging enough for people to select it over others when they scroll through results on their feed or in YouTube search results pages. This is why many influencers use custom thumbnails made by graphic designers who specialize in creating eye-catching images for social media marketing purposes.

Consistency is Key 

The best way to get people watching your videos? Post on a regular schedule. If you post new videos regularly, the YouTube algorithm will likely favor your channel and push it higher up in search results. This also makes it easier for viewers to find you as they’re scrolling through their recommended videos feed. Furthermore, posting on a regular schedule can be important to becoming a staple in your current audience’s routines.

Collaborate with Similar Creatives 

Collaborations are always a fun treat in the YouTube community. Pairing up with a creator who is like-minded but with their own unique views offers something fresh for your audience. In the end, both sides gain a positive exposure to each other’s audience, hopefully resulting in more YouTube subscribers.

You can ask them if they would be interested in collaborating with you on your channel as well as asking them questions about their channel; what kind of topics they usually cover, how long they have been on YouTube or simply introduce yourself and tell them about yourself and why you started your channel.