Taking advantage of all the tools that YouTube has to offer is for the benefit of any content creator.

Not only will you improve your content quality and user experience, but evidence suggests that the YouTube algorithm rewards those who take advantage of the onsite tools - that includes the YouTube video editor.

In order to use the YouTube video editor, you will need to have a YouTube account.

Once you’ve signed into YouTube Studio, you will have access to a content page where you’ll be able to manage your video content. Select the video that you want to edit, and click “Editor.”

You’ll be able to perform simple editing tasks such as trimming the beginning and end of your video and splitting and cutting clips out from the middle of your video. 

You’ll also be able to add an end screen, which is a great way to direct users to visit your other pages. YouTube provides some built-in template end screens which direct towards another video, a channel page, a playlist page, or to subscribe directly to you. 

hen you are editing your content, be sure to use royalty-free music for your YouTube video. Otherwise your video will be flagged for copyright infringement, an illegal infringement resulting in the deletion of your video, loss of monetization from the video (YouTube monetization rules) and, worst case scenario, even blocking of your account.

Loudly provides thousands of curated copyright free music of a variety of genres, moods, and energy levels, so you can find the perfect music to use in editing your videos and make them shine even more.

Before you upload your video to the YouTube video editor, you can also preview your videos with tracks and customize your choice within the Loudly platform (desktop or mobile app – iOS & Android).