So you’ve started your vlog, the ideas are flowing, but you feel like you could be doing more. We’ve got a few tips that you can apply to elevate the content of your vlog and keep things feeling fresh.

Be Interested in What You Vlog About

As simple as it may sound, vlogging about something you are passionate about will be apparent in the quality of your work. People identify with passion; it’s unmistakable and exudes out of every pore. Your audience will hear it in your voice and notice it in your shot selections. 

When you are passionate, your vlog content won’t just feel like work. Viewers will gravitate towards this and you’ll most likely see more engagement because of it.

Collaborations Can Inject New Life

Collaborating with a fellow vlogger can bring a breath of fresh air to your vlog content by taking a break from your regularly scheduled broadcast.’ Crossovers happen all the time in the vlog/YouTube space, and they work especially well when there is synergy between the topics you cover, have a similar audience, or if you simply have good chemistry with the other creator. 

Take Casey Neistat (who is seen as the original vlogger) as an example. Every once in a while, he uploads a vlog featuring one of his peers, usually someone his normal audience may not be aware of. Both creators will film their videos in tandem, bringing their unique styles to the video, and through this organic cross promotion, introduce their audience to someone they “should” know.

Cool Music Goes a Long Way

The most successful vlogs exude personality and the best way to do that is to always feature engaging music that compliments your style and sets the tone for your viewers. Maybe you go the traditional route and have a recurring theme song that your viewers become familiar with. Or you can try the MKBHD method and intro your vlogs with ten seconds of a new track every video.

If you create long-form vlog content, you may need a song to bridge the gap between segments. If tutorials are your thing, then having chill background music can help keep things flowing and also keep your viewers engaged. Whatever your musical needs, Loudly has the right song for all your vlog content needs.

Trends Can Lend a Helping Hand

While not every trend will be in line with your vlog, keeping a finger on the pulse can offer a good opportunity to gain new subscribers when the moment feels right. For example, maybe you have an avid Twitter following where you’ve grown an engaging community; taking a moment to vlog about how Elon Musk’s recent purchase of twitter can impact you or the platform as a whole can be an extremely relevant topic for your audience. 

It can be a fine line to balance between being organic and merely hopping on a bandwagon, but if you stick to topics that are relevant to your typical vlog content, trends are a solid way of attaining new views.

Focus on Your Intros & Outros

With most viewers clicking away in the first ten seconds, crafting an engaging intro can keep would-be viewers watching longer. Some vloggers go for a quick energetic one-liner where they introduce a topic then roll their intro with a sick song and slick b-roll. While others prefer to start with shots that set the tone or establish a location. Whichever path you choose shows that you are putting that much more effort into your vlog content.

Having a solid outro can make your video feel complete, and leave your audience feeling great and ready for your next clip. Think of your videos like an essay (sorry for the high school flashbacks). When you start with a solid thesis (intro), the body of your video provides your supporting arguments, and your conclusion (outro) ties the whole thing with a bow.

All it takes are minor tweaks to your approach to elevate your vlog content. Be passionate, pay attention to trends, try to shake things up by collaborating, and never forget to set the tone with a great song.