When beginning your journey as a content creator one of the first obstacles you will face will be discovering how to get more followers on Instagram.

One of the first steps on how to get more followers on Instagram is to optimize your whole page, not just your individual posts.

Having an SEO-friendly Instagram name will likely find you more followers than using a real name.

For example, if your name is John Smith and you are starting a production company, an Instagram account name like “Video and audio production” would help you find more followers than “John Smith.”

Be sure to utilize other features like writing an informative bio with a call to action, pointing to the link in your bio. Instagram for Business offers plenty of other useful tools, like letting you add contact information and tracking engagement.

After optimizing your page, optimize your post schedule and the individual posts within them.

A good post schedule will help get more followers on Instagram because you will be posting regularly, which boosts your ranking in the Instagram algorithm.

As well as helping your account get more followers on Instagram, a consistent schedule will help your current followers get to know your brand better.

Finally, it is important to optimize individual posts if you want to get more followers on Instagram.

One way to do this is to write long captions that grab a viewer’s attention so that they spend more time on your post.

The algorithm loves this, because the longer a user spends on a post, the longer they spend on the Instagram app, and the better numbers Instagram can report for average time spent in the app - the more Instagram can charge for advertising slots!

As well as long, scroll-able captions, appropriate hashtag usage can help you build your following.

Do keyword research about your brand and product’s target audience, and make sure that the hashtags truly relate to what is in the photo! Keep a core group of relatable hashtags handy to copy paste on new posts, to save yourself time from doing the research before every post.

One recommended tactic to get more followers on Instagram is to put your hashtags in the comments section of your most recent post. When you add a new post, delete your hashtags comment from the previous post. This might seem counterproductive, but Instagram notices if you are reusing the same hashtags across multiple posts. The algorithm considers this repetitive behavior to be ‘spammy’, which will harm your discoverability.

Having an optimized page, posting schedule, and posts is useless without optimized content. Video content is super-engaging and more and more creators are taking advantage of this medium as a way to get more followers on Instagram. However, not all videos are created equal. One important thing to consider when creating videos for Instagram is adding music to your project.

Whether your music will take center stage or work to accompany a voice-over as background music, it is important to have high quality music of a mood that matches the message of your video. It is vital that this music is not copyrighted, to abide by Instagram community guidelines and global legal requirements.

Search for royalty-free music with Loudly, which offer thousands of songs from a variety of genres, moods, and energy levels. The cutting-edge sounds and familiar genres will keep your content’s quality high, as you continue your mission to get more followers on Instagram.