YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet and viewers consume more than five billion videos a day.

With absurd stats like that, it’s easy to feel like your YouTube videos will get lost in the content sea. Don’t fret! There are a few simple tactics you can implement to make your videos shine.

Lean Into Your Strengths

This goes for just about everything in life doesn’t it? While there is certainly a benefit to pushing your boundaries and trying new things, focusing on your strengths foundationally is a solid place to start.

Establishing your unique qualities is what will initially attract viewers. The more an audience can identify with you, the more likely they’ll be along for the ride.

Find the Sweet Spot

While many may say our attention spans are waning, there’s no right or wrong length for a video. If you’re offering quality content without “fluff,” you’ll know when it feels right.

The rubric used to be that any video longer than four or five minutes would rarely do well, but we find ourselves in a space where there are YouTube videos that are one to two hours long!

Successful video podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience are consistently pushing the two-hour mark with a rabid following. The trick that most of these channels use is creating separate channels that house shorter clips of the same content. 

Add Engaging Music

Remember that staggering number we mentioned earlier? When your content is one in five billion potential YouTube videos viewed in a day, any added element can make a difference.

Simply adding a few seconds of royalty-free music to the beginning of your video can grab a viewer’s attention and spark their intrigue as to what will come next.

Adding music to your videos also exemplifies an added level of care and attention. It shows that you went the extra mile to elevate your content. Adding the right song can make your video feel more cinematic, or evoke the emotions that you hope to convey to your viewers. 

SEO is Important

While it’s certainly not the most exciting part of content creation, SEO will always be a crucial pillar to the success of your YouTube videos.

Once again referring back to our lovely five billion videos a day, you can see how it’s important for your videos to be searchable. You may want to get super creative with your titles, but ultimately, if no one thinks to search for your concoction of words, all your hard work may slip through the cracks.

Having solid SEO isn’t just important to your YouTube videos, in fact, every company or business on the internet, big or small, pays close attention to their SEO. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help to ensure your videos are seen!

At the end of the day, originality and engaging with your audience will always be a solid starting point. If you take the extra care to implement a few of these tactics, you'll be on your way to a healthy audience in no time!