When posting TikTok videos on Instagram, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, you need to understand the legal requirements and community guidelines for sharing TikTok videos on Instagram.

TikTok allows you to use many famous artists’ music because they have deals in place with record labels. However, you might notice that when you download your TikTok video, or try and share it across platforms, the audio disappears from the video. This is because you don’t actually own the rights to use that music - TikTok does.

To maintain the quality of your content, you’ll need to find new music that matches your video. This can be difficult for two reasons: finding quality music which you are allowed to use, and then finding the exact song that matches the timing, mood, and energy level of the video.

Finding music which you are allowed to use for sharing Instagram videos on TikTok is easiest done when you limit your search to royalty-free music. This way, you don’t run any risk of copyright infringement

Music libraries like Loudly provide a subscription-based model which allow their users to access thousands of royalty free songs which are pre-cleared for usage across all sites. Narrowing this massive library down into a few favorites that actually work well with your video in particular can be a tough job.

Since Loudly was built by producers and creator, we had this issue in mind when we built the library. Our detailed filtration system provides over 50 options for mood, energy level, genre and subgenre, to help you find the exact track you need for your video. 

We suggest narrowing your favorites down to not just one perfect track, but a few - because the job of adding music isn’t done yet! In order to share a TikTok video on Instagram with a new background track,  you’ll need to make sure the music matches the pacing and placement of the video. There are two options for adding music to a video, dependent on your video editing skills and the amount of time you have to dedicate to this project.

For those with little or no video editing skills, fear not! The Loudly Royalty-Free Music app is available on Apple and Android, and was built for exactly this purpose: it makes it easy to compare different songs and how they sound accompanying a video. The in-app video editor means you can then adjust the placement of the video and the volume however you like.

For experienced video editors, we have a pro tip. Instagram’s algorithm gives less favour to videos with watermarks. There are of course, several ways you can post a TikTok video on Instagram - IGTV, stories, permanent posts, and Reels. Since TikTok videos are the perfect length for the algorithm-boosting Reels channel, we’d recommend that.

But first, take your video to an editing software and remove the ‘TikTok’ watermark, to avoid facing algorithm penalties for sharing a TikTok video on Instagram! Then you’re ready to add music and share your TikTok video to Instagram.

Whichever method you choose for sharing a TikTok video on Instagram, your video is more likely to succeed if you follow the above recommendations for curating music.

Make sure your music is copyright free, is a good fit for the mood and energy level of the video, and that the video doesn’t have any watermarks!

Another pro tip - when you’re curating music, keep note of your favorite tracks! Even if they don’t end up working with your current video, they might work well with future posts.