There are several paths to becoming a full-time content creator, but very few are as full of joy - or as notoriously well-paid, as creating amazing wedding videos.

The best opportunity that people can have to commemorate this special day as realistically as possible is with a high-quality video.

Capturing the sheer amount of love and beauty at a wedding can be a daunting task, but wedding video creators should remember there are more tools available than just the visuals of the day. Audio can be just as important - both background music and foley audio from the day itself. 

While capturing video on the day, be sure to also capture relevant audio snippets. A high-quality microphone can help you gather your own foley and background noises: flowers rustling, glasses clinking, guests laughing. Plus, of course, the momentous words like “I do.”

When you use this audio to complement the various scenes of a wedding video, be sure to turn the background music down while they are playing, or use them as transitions between songs.

Select songs based on the moods you want your video to embody. Loudly offers thousands of royalty-free songs from every genre, from Classical to Indie, Ambient to House, and some amazing Cinematic tracks to build emotion in those special moments.

The tracks have been listened to and tagged by hand to fit over 50 moods and energy levels, including Romantic, Uplifting, and Joyful - perfect vibes to include in any timeless wedding video.

Every wedding video should have at least one fun, party scene. For dancing clips in a wedding video, it is important to find music that matches the tempo of the music the people in the video are dancing to.

Even if a videographer captured a video with music in the background, if the music in the background is copyrighted, the editor of the wedding video will need to replace the audio with royalty-free music to avoid any copyright infringement issues. This is a great opportunity to download high-quality royalty-free music to bring the dance scenes in your wedding video to a new level.

From “Upbeat” dancing scenes, “Romantic” clips of the couple, and “Uplifting” atmospheric shots, Loudly provides a plethora of tracks to choose from, so you can make sure your wedding video has music which is the perfect fit.