Use quality soundtracks to make your YouTube channel stand out above the noise.

Digital creators from all backgrounds can benefit from learning how to start a YouTube channel. Researching how to start a YouTube channel before you begin the process of releasing videos there is helpful in developing a strategy, strengthening your content, and ultimately, earning money from your videos.

Before discovering how to start a YouTube channel, it is important to understand how the platform works. How can starting a YouTube channel advance the goals that you, your brand, and your content aim to achieve?

Viewers use and interact on YouTube in different ways to other social media or video content sharing platforms. Understanding why people come to YouTube can help you understand the content you need to create to grab their attention and keep them interested.

Not all of your content’s goals will be advanced by starting a YouTube channel. Focus on the goals that align best with what the platform offers: videos of any length, in-depth analytics tools, and a unique discoverability algorithm. Videos made using royalty-free music on YouTube can be edited and reposted on other platforms like Instagram, which is an efficient way to cross-promote your platforms and get the most out of your content.

Once you’ve decided which goals to focus on with your content strategy, you can start planning more precisely. Who is your audience? How will you target them? How will you schedule your content? It is recommended that new channels release 2-3 videos per week for the first few months. After that, 1-2 videos is enough to satisfy the algorithm that you are an active user.

KEY TIP on how to start a YouTube channel: Plan, create, and schedule your content at least 2 weeks in advance so you are never rushed at the last minute.

Investing in your content is the next step towards success in the journey of how to start a YouTube channel. Niche content with a unique, strong value proposition is destined to do well, but only if it is supported by the right investments. Investments come from taking the time to learn about YouTube SEO, tagging, and analytics.

Things like optimizing your profile and it’s appearance should not be overlooked when starting a YouTube channel. Investments can also come from paid services surrounding your content which help make it flourish. One common example of this would be a paid subscription to a royalty-free music library. Loudly offers thousands of royalty-free music, in a catalogue that is constantly updated with new cutting-edge sounds. 

Royalty-free music is actually one of the most important, and often overlooked, steps towards the ultimate goal for someone who is learning how to start a YouTube channel: monetizing your content. It is illegal to monetize copyrighted content, so using non copyright music in your videos is the only way to ensure that you own 100% of your content, and can monetize it freely.

This is a rewarding step in a content creator’s journey, when all your hard work will finally pay off!