Loudly isn’t just a music library, it is also a video editing software. While theLoudly online library gives subscribers access to thousands of songs, the mobile app, available on Android and iOS allows users to streamline their creation process one step further.

Start your editing process by curating music from the Loudly library. Thousands of tracks are available, but thanks to the advanced tagging on genre, mood, and energy level, curators won’t be overwhelmed by options. Our team of producers and creators listen to and tag every song by hand to make sure that tracks can precisely match the emotion and vibes you want them to convey. 

While the online library is perfect if you are video editing from a desktop, bear in mind that the mobile app offers increased functionality: most notably, the ability to check how various videos match with tracks before you commit to a track.

To use this functionality, upload your video to the Loudly app and select a song which you think it would fit with. You can compare various songs easily, and adjust things like placement, volume, and timing from within the app to streamline the editing process. This might be particularly useful for editing TikTok videos, which are saved directly to your phone - but stripped of their original music - if you want to share them onto other platforms.

When editing from a PC, you can download the music as MP3 or Wav and edit in a third party software. Many PCs come with a built-in video editing software, and Mac delivers the simplified but practical goods with iMovie, but there are even more free video editing applications available.

Editing from a PC might be more useful if you’re editing YouTube videos to share them on other channels, since downloading YouTube videos from your creator channel and changing their specifications to meet those of another channel is a feature limited to desktop video editor capabilities. You've invested a lot of time in your masterpiece and it's okay to consider a price tag for it. You can simply upload your content to platforms like Fanbase, to monetize your hard work.

As the world moves to mobile, the Loudly Royalty-Free Music app is a convenient, user-friendly design that can help anyone create videos with high-quality royalty-free music, that they are then free to share across any digital platform. The ability for anyone to create and own their own content with powerful music is a gamechanger to the creative industry.

Start free to see how Loudly can take your digital creations up a level!