Discovering where to find music for commercial use can be a frustrating experience for creators and producers of many types of content. For example, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, even Vimeo - all digital platforms follow strict laws on music licensing. In order to follow these rules, you must curate your soundtracks from legitimate sources of music for commercial use.

Royalty free music matters to content creators because using it in your content is the only realistic way to successfully share content online. By only curating music from royalty free sources, you can ensure that you will end up with content that can live and thrive anywhere in the digital universe, forever.

Where to find music for commercial use includes many channels and libraries online. Sometimes, the sheer amount of music can be overwhelming, especially since many of these songs aren’t of the quality that creators nowadays are looking for.

When you are looking for where to find music for commercial use online, it is safest to restrict your search to platforms that only release copyright free music. This way, you can avoid any chances of falling in love with tracks that are illegal to use.

Even if it’s an accident, using a copyrighted track in your content counts as copyright infringement. It’s not only illegal, but goes against most platforms’ community guidelines, and could cause your account or video to be blocked, removed, or prevented from receiving monetization.

Loudly is a library of music for commercial use that was especially created with content creators in mind. We offer thousands of tracks and new tracks uploaded every week.

In order to prevent the massive volume of music from becoming overwhelming for curators, we have created a system of filters for genre, mood, and energy level. These advanced tags were added to each song by hand, from a team of music curation experts.

Finally, we have a library we are happy to share with creators worldwide, to make finding music for commercial use that much easier.