“YouTube it” has become as much as a popular phrase as “Google it” over recent years, as the internet giant provides content from how-to videos to popular culture masterpieces and fresh new music trends.

YouTube has been one of the most powerful tools on the Internet for several years now. Despite attempts from other popular platforms to try and compete, YouTube maintains its place as a global leader in sharing video content.  

Music For YouTube Videos

Starting a YouTube channel is fairly straightforward, but there are a few tricks and tips to make sure your channel will be optimized for success as soon as you launch it. 

Make sure you have a steady flow of content

Try and be at least a couple weeks ahead in your scheduling, to ensure you’re never in a last minute rush. The YouTube algorithm favors new accounts who post around three videos a week for the first month or two. After this you could decrease your output to two videos a week. 

Use all the tools YouTube offers you

When you start your channel, ensure you use all the tools YouTube offers you to optimize the channel’s profile as well as the videos themselves.

Invest in a royalty-free subscription

Get a royalty-free music service for music for YouTube videos to avoid flagging issues. Including a lengthy description, outbound links to other social media channels or ways your audience can connect with your brand, and a customized cover photo and profile photo ensure your channel will have a favorable appearance. 

Ensure your videos fit the video requirements

When uploading videos, be sure to ensure they fit the video requirements, size and quality specifications outlined by YouTube. Use lengthy and informative descriptions including outbound links and hashtags, as well as tags, thumbnails, and end cards encouraging users to subscribe or otherwise engage with your content. The YouTube algorithm notices how well you use these, your responsiveness to comments on your videos, and more.

Avoid copyright infringement

Perhaps the most important, and one of the most overlooked, things to avoid is getting hit with copyright flags. YouTube’s Content ID scanner will check videos that aren't plagiarizing the visual or audio work of other creators. One of the most common occurrences of this comes from incorrect music usage. When curating background music for YouTube videos, it is vital to ensure your selections are not copyrighted. 

The best way to use music safely is find royalty free music from a music library or subscription service like Loudly.

Our music library was designed by video creators, for video creators, to ensure that selecting music is as easy and safe as possible. Filters allow you to select the right music for your video based on mood, genre, and more.

The monthly subscription plan allows you to access thousands of songs, as well as new ones uploaded every month - so no matter what, you won’t run into copyright flags with music for YouTube videos, allowing you to grow your channel to its full potential.