Reducing production costs

When we are thinking about reducing our production costs as content producers, we need to consider more than just the financial aspect. Especially in today’s world, where deadlines seem to arrive constantly, and generations are measuring success with experiences on social media over money in the bank, time is increasingly feeling like the most valuable commodity. 

Reducing production costs

Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have created content algorithms structured to promote the constant release of new posts, inducing an intense pressure for constant creation, interaction, and engagement that the world has never seen before.

The best and most popular influencers and content creators are the ones who can meet these deadlines, with quality content that never gets old. 

While hiring a team of producers to create customized, unique scores for every piece of digital content might sound like a dream come true, the reality is the financial and timely costs of it would make it an impossible solution.

Human errors, longer natural creativity processes, and short deadlines can easily prevent you from finding the perfect quality soundtrack that you imagined for your piece.

The preferred and recommended solution for influencers and content creators today is to use a subscription service music library to find the music you need for your content. Many libraries might not offer the quality you want, or they might be too broad for you to be able to find exactly what you need, or even too small.

Loudly offers a massive library of royalty-free music for its subscribers (with 2,500 FREE SONGS), but there’s a catch, a good catch: the library will never feel “too big” because every track has been curated by hand, listened to by ear, and tagged by real people according to the real emotions and moods that the track triggers.

The tracks have also been tagged according to energy level, genre, subgenre, and era, so no matter what you need for your piece, you can quickly filter through and find the music to match in seconds. 

While the time-saving aspect using a subscription-based music library like Loudly might seem obvious, the financial aspect of using this type of service is equally outstanding. Handcrafted scores and soundtracks by individual producers or agencies can cost anywhere upward from 300 to 30,000, or even more for a royalty-free score.

Free or with a low monthly subscription fee (pricing details), it is much easier to make the most of a model like Loudly to reduce your costs, improve your content, and never miss a music-related deadline again.

Now that you covered that, picking the perfect soundtrack for your video would be the next step. Are you ready?