Twitch is a platform where creatives and creators can build a community and feel closer to their fans by releasing episodes highlighting their work. It has become increasingly popular in the past two years due to the global pandemic, since it provides a much-needed sense of ‘togetherness’ for creators and fans. From comedic personalities to groundbreaking artistic developments, the potential uses for this platform are endless.

If you‘re looking to get started on Twitch, the platform makes it easy to do so. Twitch is unique in that it offers an inclusive guide for growing a following.

This includes resources on how to use music on Twitch, which is particularly useful for artists trying to grow their following by sharing their sound.

If you are not a musician who wants to share their own work on Twitch, then you will need to pursue other avenues for including royalty free music in your Twitch streams.

Having in mind the sound you need before you begin to search for royalty free music for Twitch is key to success as well as efficiency - so firstly, decide what type of royalty-free music you need.

Genre and subgenre can depend on your audience and your show’s personality - what kind of trends do you want to lead or follow? Things like mood and energy level will depend on your show’s content. Keep in mind your stream's mood will most likely change at different moments throughout the show, so be prepared to have multiple tracks to match the tone of these different parts.

Volume and placement are also key factors in finding royalty free music for Twitch. Background music should complement the central audio, by being quieter than the voiceover or other narration.

Sometimes your music can take central stage - this is an opportunity for music to be loud and interesting. Prepare your “set” ahead of time, so that you can present yourself and your content smoothly over the course of your livestream.

Whatever your content, when you are searching for songs, be sure you are limiting your search to royalty free music. Using royalty free music is another important key to success. Loudly offers thousands of songs, with an easy-to-use filter system that helps you narrow your search down to the genre, mood, and energy level that you need for your video.