Non copyright music can be defined as “music for which the legal copyright has expired or has been allowed to lapse intentionally by the musician or rights owner”.

When creating and sharing digital works, it is imperative that the music you use is non copyrighted music. In the case of Loudly's non copyright music library, the music has been created intentionally for creators to use it in their digital and physical works of art, music, video, and more.

If you do a search for “non copyright music”, you will come across plenty of options for libraries, subscription services and music for commercial use. We offer a unique opportunity compared to other royalty-free music libraries.

Loudly offers thousands of songs, and every week, new copyright free music is uploaded. Our music producers are deeply involved in various aspects of the music scene, and use their knowledge on past, current and future trends to create high quality music that lives on the cutting edge of a wide variety of genres and styles.

The library was built by producers and creatives who have a deep understanding of the needs of modern creators. Our team of experts have listened to and tagged every song in our library by hand, based on the track’s specific emotions, moods, genres, subgenres, and energy levels.

We built a filtering system that is both advanced and easy-to-use. It allows curators to search for copyright free music by narrowing down the library with various tags for genre, mood, and energy level. Loudly users can add tracks to their online library and keep a collection of their favorites, to make future curation even easier and more efficient. 

While these logistical reasons are enough for most creators to understand why they should use Loudly for non copyright music, there are even more reasons in considering the artistic benefits of the Loudly music library. The tracks are produced by a team of expert producers, who are constantly creating new high quality music.

With this combination of quality of non copyright music and the ease of use of the library itself, Loudly is a perfect place for creators to begin their curation and usage of non copyright music.