TikTok For Your Brand

What makes TikTok unique is the algorithm which feeds content from a vast variety of creators to a vast variety of viewers, while still showing interesting and engaging videos specifically to their targeted audience.

Rather than platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or even Vine, which relied primarily on showing audiences solely the content from the accounts that they followed, TikTok shows users content based on their stated interests and what content is trending.

This allows for any creative users to get famous overnight, giving them the chance to start a trend that can be noticed and followed by millions. Being a much more open platform than it’s older predecessors is one of the things which makes TikTok unique and appealing for brands. 

To take advantage of the open platform of TikTok, brands are encouraged to share videos that are appealing not only to their current followers, but prospective followers as well. Think about how broad the TikTok algorithm can be when creating your videos, and think about who would be interested in what you’re creating.

Be creative!

Food companies can start dance trends, dancers can start food trends. TikTok is a perfect platform to show a silly or more relatable side of your brand, so take advantage of that and share content that would appeal to more than just your usual crowd.

Another thing which makes TikTok unique is the platform’s use and prioritization of music in its videos. Similar to Instagram’s connection with Spotify for story posts, TikTok allows users to use artist’s music in their posts, paying out a small royalty whenever the song is used - giving the artist a bit more than just exposure when their song becomes the soundtrack to a global TikTok trend.

As an influencer, you have the opportunity to put the spotlight on a new breakout song when selecting a soundtrack for your TikTok content – especially if you are aiming to set a new trend and encourage people to follow this. Selecting a catchy song from a lesser-known artist or uploading a royalty-free track of your own is a great way to establish yourself as a leader in the music and cultural digital space.

For getting started on this powerful platform, we recommend opening a TikTok business account. Keep your audience engaged with a steady flow of content, using the business analytics tools to monitor engagement and interest in your posts. Then, build further with videos that inspire co-creation.

TikTok Creator Marketplace is a platform specifically designed to match brands with content creators. Finally, once you are comfortable with the environment and have discovered which of your videos are performing the best, you can explore paid advertising options for seamless integration into TikTok’s UX.