TikTok has exploded in popularity in recent years and has become a platform for creators to showcase their talents and share their content with a wide audience. If you're looking for some new creators to follow on TikTok in 2023, here are five talented individuals to check out:

Spencer X 

Spencer Polanco, also known as Spencer X, is a beatboxing sensation on TikTok. His unique "mouth music" videos have gained him a large following and have earned him a spot on the platform's "For You" page multiple times. In these videos, Spencer combines beatboxing with popular songs and sound effects to create original and entertaining content. His beatboxing skills are truly impressive, and his videos are sure to put a smile on your face.

Burak Ozdemir

If you love food TikToks, then you need to follow Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir. His entertaining cooking videos are guaranteed to make you hungry and bring a smile to your face. In his videos, Burak shares his passion for cooking and shares easy-to-follow recipes that anyone can try at home. His positive and energetic personality shines through in his videos, making them a joy to watch.

Zach King

Who doesn’t love a bit of magic? If you want to get trapped in a vortex of some of the most mind blowing special effects around, Zach King’s page is where you want to be. He creates mind-blowing special effects videos that are sure to leave you amazed. Zach uses a combination of clever editing and special effects to create videos that look like magic tricks.

Will Smith

While “Mr. Hollywood” is by no means a newcomer or millennial, he’s got one of the biggest followings on TikTok. He's managed to take his already established talents and translate them perfectly for the TikTok audience, making him a must-follow on the platform. Will's videos range from funny sketches and skits to motivational content and everything in between. His infectious personality and relatable content make him a hit on TikTok.

Jeven Reliford

Jeven Reliford's simple yet captivating videos have gained him a large following on TikTok. His unique style involves using just his hands, a table, and his voice to create entertaining and original content. Jeven's videos often involve him lip syncing to popular songs and using his hands to create the illusion of objects or characters. His creativity and humor shine through in his videos, making them a must-watch.

These are just a few of the many talented creators on TikTok, but if you're looking for some new accounts to follow, these five are definitely worth checking out in 2023.