Twitch is a live streaming platform built for creators to feel closer to their digital audience through live episodes, which are deeply customizable.

Personalities, musicians, influencers, and other content creators can use Twitch’s built in tools to schedule their show and allow likes, comments, and feedback to engage with their fans on a deeper level. To make a show even more creative, engaging, and representative of their brand, creators can add their own graphics and music soundtracks to the episode.

When using music on Twitch, it is vital that you use copyright free music. On Twitch, copyright free music is the only legal form of music which creators can use as soundtracks, except for, of course, original compositions.

Twitch is home to a world of content that extends to creators far beyond music producers and composers. 

There are a few steps for making the most of Twitch with copyright free music. The most important is to plan ahead and curate your music well in advance of your show’s release date. Deciding music is a key part in planning an engaging show. Copyright free music for Twitch can be easily found and curated from copyright free music libraries like Loudly.

While there are hundreds of options for finding music for Twitch, Loudly is unique in the quality of music and curation abilities of the platform. Every song in the library has been hand-tagged by a team of experts based on mood, energy level, subgenre and genre so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. 

After you’ve curated the sound that fits best with your show, download your copyright free music. Make sure you have it well-organized and ready-to-go and, so that you can launch it at your pre-chosen key points throughout your show without hesitation - or with as little hesitation as possible!

Keeping folders of tracks for key moments could come in handy when reacting spontaneously to comments from viewers - something celebratory, quirky, or ominous could come in handy depending on the comments you’re receiving!

Creators in Twitch’s music directory all follow the same royalty-free music rules that you will be required to follow. Stand out beyond the noise by using unique, high quality copyright free music for Twitch. Start free now with Loudly!