Video producers, influencers, vloggers, gamers - no matter which type of content creation you are specializing in, there is no category of digital content which does not benefit from the addition of royalty-free music.

Background music is one sure-fire way to improve both video and audio content by using royalty free music. While we all recognize background music in videos, even podcasters benefit from it throughout their show or jingles to punctuate certain moments.

Instrumental music, for example lo-fi hip hop for younger generations or classical for older generations, makes a great background vibe.

When selecting background music, be sure to go for instrumental tracks, so that the vocals don’t distract from the dialogue or other audio focuses of the video. It’s recommended as well to turn the volume down of the backing track to really bring the focus on your own audio.

Your music doesn’t need to remain in the background. Another way to use royalty-free music to improve your content is to put it center stage. This goes beyond the dramatic chase scenes and romantic love montages that might come to mind at first.

There is more to think about - intros and outros are not outdated. Keeping a short and sweet intro and outro to tutorials, vlog posts, podcast episodes, and other forms of content creation will help strengthen the branding of your content streams and your channel overall. 

You can improve your content with royalty-free music only so long as the quality of the music reaches the quality of the content itself. High quality music can be found through online non copyright music libraries such as Loudly. Our tracks are created by our teams of music producers with years of experience in a variety of genres.

Using filters based on mood, energy level, genre and subgenre can help you narrow down your search to precisely the track you need. In order to maintain a high quality standard throughout all of your content and not to find yourself in last-minute scrambles, curate with care.

Think about the future projects, vibes, moods, or audiences you will need music for while you curate for the task at hand. Being able to plan your content creation projects, and access the quality music to soundtrack them, will allow your content to improve naturally with time.