As video becomes increasingly more important for content creators today, even simple editing can go a long way. Video editing tools are aplenty and we’ve got just the right ones for any level of skill.

Free Software

While we’re accustomed to nearly everything worth using being kept behind a paywall, there are luckily free editing tools that come with each main operating system.

If you’re a Mac user, you automatically have iMovie installed out of the box. It’s a more than capable app that has all the basic tools you need to edit your clips. You’ll have the ability to make cuts, add simple transitions, and add royalty-free music to your videos. Like many Apple products, the layout is simple and user-friendly, allowing you to edit with little to no experience. 

For the Windows users out there, your built-in solution is Windows Video Editor. Like iMovie, you’ll have all the basic tools to get you up and editing in no time. Both of these apps are great video editing tools but they have their limits. You’ll soon find yourself craving for more, and for that, you’ll need to upgrade your software.

Pro Users

When your skills have begun to eclipse the beginner level, there are a handful of video editing tools you should consider. Final Cut Pro (Mac) can be considered the professional, bigger brother of iMovie. The layout will feel immediately familiar, but you’ll feel as though you’ve been given the keys to the kingdom. There are tons of additional features and controls that may have been overwhelming at the beginner level, but feel right at home with experience. Final Cut is the video editing tool of choice for popular Youtubers such as MKBHD and Casey Neistat.

The other main contender for professionals in the video space is Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac/PC). Often considered to be the gold standard for the workplace, Premiere’s offerings are extensive. One major advantage it has over Final Cut is its seamless integration with other apps in the Adobe suite like Photoshop and After Effects (more on that later). Premiere also allows for cloud syncing of projects which in turn makes collaborative working seamless.

Best for Visual Effects

Once you’ve honed your basic editing skills, you may find yourself wanting to add some spice to your videos. To whet your whistle, HitFilm Express is a great solution as an all-around video editing tool. It includes tutorials that allow you to more easily understand the complexities of visual effects.

For those more experienced, Adobe After Effects is the gold standard in the industry for motion graphics. The possibilities are endless and it’s used in popular productions you’ll recognize like many Marvel movies and the Stranger Things intro. Don’t feel inadequate if it seems a bit over your head, becoming an expert in After Effects is a profession unto itself!

Mobile Editors

If you’re a content creator that does everything on your phone, there are solid video editing tools to consider as well. KineMaster is a robust free software for iOS & Android that gives you all of the tools you need to edit your videos straight from your phone. It’s perfect for vloggers who spend more time on the go capturing content all day long. No need to wait until you’re sitting at a computer to get your content out to your followers.

For your musical needs, the Loudly app (available on iOS and Android) allows you to easily add music to your videos and export to your favorite platforms.

Loudly Editor

Our very own platform combines two essential aspects of video editing: finding royalty-free tracks for your videos and the ability to directly see how those songs fit your video as you search! Often a time-consuming, yet crucial aspect of video editing, adding music always elevates your content and allows you to add another layer of expression. 

By importing your clips to our editor, you no longer have to download dozens of tracks in order to determine which fits your video. Any video editing tool that streamlines your process and shortens the time from creation to posting is definitely worth adding to your arsenal.