When it comes to content creators and watching the videos they've spent hours perfecting, it's easy to get stuck in apps like Instagram and TikTok.

Oftentimes, we forget to take the extra step to discover their larger bodies of work. For those of you looking to dive deeper, here are some prime videographers to follow on YouTube this year.

Keenan Lam

We’ve followed Keenan’s Instagram presence for a while, but we have to shine a light on the quality of his growing YT channel. His videos are a mix of filming and editing tips, gear reviews, and stunning travel vlogs. 

One video that’s sure to be of interest for you content creators out there, is his explainer “How I went Viral on Instagram Reels.” He walks viewers through his camera settings, and how he edited the Reel in Premiere Pro.

It’s a great example of how you can be successful using only your smartphone and some light editing knowledge. Definitely worth the sub for prime examples of blending vlogging techniques with top-notch branding videos.

Tec Tok by Hareesh

For insightful tech reviews and helpful tutorials for filmmakers, Hareesh’s channel is filled with interesting videos that feed your tech brain with every view. If you’re looking to upgrade your phone or trying to decide between the newest gimbals, he has comparisons and reviews of all the latest tech to put your mind at ease.

Bright Trip

Bright Trip creates video-based travel courses to help you travel smarter. From travel hacks, to location-based guides, they offer visual experiences, created by fellow travelers, that aim to make you a confident explorer.

If you’re new to traveling or preparing for a trip to a new destination, they’ve got heaps of history videos, travel hacks, and useful insights, all from fellow travelers. In addition to their YouTube channel, Bright Trip has a learning platform that offers courses like language learning guides, and tips on how to get paid to travel.

Brandon Washington

Brandon Washington is on our list of videographers to follow on YT because he gives some of the most reliable tech advice for budding videographers and content creators. His videos are a refreshing mix of personal vlog, gear reviews, and full-fledged guides for budding videographers. 

He’s about to crack 100k subscribers, a clear sign that he’s on the right track!

Peter McKinnon

For arguably the best photography and cinematography videos, tutorials, and the most epic b-roll of all things coffee, Peter McKinnon is the quintessential vlogger/videographer to follow.

Not only does he create wildly entertaining and inspiring videos, but he selflessly teaches his viewers how to achieve the same results that he’s become known for over the years. Whether it’s a vlog about his favorite coffee, or cinematic short films like this one (trust us, just watch it), you’ll be entertained and inspired by whatever you watch.