What is royalty Free Music?

Non copyrighted music, or royalty-free music, is music that isn’t licensed, or owned, by a particular individual - or, if it is, they are not requiring users to pay royalty fees for using the music.

Royalty fees are the nominal fees that, for example, Spotify pays to an artist each time the track is played in app, or that film studios pay to record labels when a movie is screened.

Why to use royalty-free music?

There are several reasons why to use non copyright music or royalty-free music. In modern times, digital creators typically turn to royalty-free music to provide soundtracks for short videos and other content for social media channels and YouTube. This is to avoid any issues such as copyright infringement, which usually results in content removal or blockage from the platforms.

Loudly is an online music library and editing app available for iOS and Android which provides the perfect solution for creators’ royalty-free music needs.

The library itself offers thousands of tracks, with new music uploaded weekly by a team of Berlin-based producers to make sure that the sounds stay on the cutting edge of trending music.

Despite how massive the offering is, it doesn’t feel overwhelming thanks to an advanced filtration system which allows users to narrow down their options based on preference of mood, genre, subgenre and energy level to find the perfect track to match their mood.

The Loudly mobile app offers a built-in editor to make the experience even more convenient by allowing you to compare songs to your videos, adjust volume and appropriately place music alongside videos all from within the app.