Having a custom library of royalty-free music at your fingertips is a crucial tool to elevate your content.

Think of Loudly as your own personal music supervisor, always there to offer the perfect track for every moment.

Here are some benefits to having a music library of your own.

Elevate your content

Music surrounds us everywhere we go. Whether we’re shopping in the mall or eating at a restaurant, music sets the tone and without it, these experiences would feel lacking.

The same applies to your content. Whether you create videos, livestreams, or podcasts, including music makes your content more engaging and uniquely yours.

If you think about the most terrifying scene in a horror flick, would you be on the edge of your seat without the foreboding music or the tension-building strings? Or how about those scenes that always bring you to tears? It’s the music that pulls at your heartstrings to evoke those emotions.

Within a few clicks through the Loudly music library, you can search for the perfect royalty-free track by mood, genre, and even energy levels, to match your content.

Complete the package

So you’ve done it. You finally finished that edit of your explainer video that’s taken you ages. You’ve EQ’d your podcast until your ears bled. All that’s left to do is publish right? Not so fast!

There are a few key things you should consider that might help bring your content from a 9 to a 10.

Whether you are producing short or longer-form content, adding music to your intros, outros, and cutscenes can raise your production value and make every video feel like a full experience.

Even making a short 5-10 second intro with engaging music can make your videos feel like a proper series and you start to create your own sonic branding.

Your audience will grow accustomed to hearing your intro tune and will eventually look forward to it. 

For you podcasters out there, including a light track under your episode intros or during your ad-reads can make a potentially dull moment feel more complete.

Keeping your content monetized

Any content creator in the early days of YouTube can tell you horror stories about their content that they spent hours working on being savagely taken down for including copyrighted music.

These days, instead of a take down, Youtube will simply attribute any would-be earned revenue to the artist in question.

While it’s a step in the right direction, this doesn’t help you and your bank account! In order to avoid penalties from various platforms for using restricted music, it’s crucial to have a high-quality music library of royalty-free music like Loudly to keep your content up and earning money.

Every track available to you is cleared to be used on any social media platform, so you can create and upload to your heart’s content.

Try it for yourself on our native apps both on iOS and Android.

Stock is stale

While platforms like Youtube have a library of stock music to choose from, having a custom music library allows your content to feel as fresh and engaging as you intended.

Every song in the Loudly library is carefully curated and crafted by our team of dedicated producers. 

They’re music lovers and creators who were tired of hearing uninspired music around them and vow to elevate the quality of royalty-free music. In an effort to put music-making in the hands of content creators and aspiring musicians, we’ve even developed our own AI Studio.

This app takes the custom tracks produced by our team and pairs it with our own AI technology to allow anyone to create music in seconds.

A music library of your own can be your greatest ally in helping you create the best art you can. Stay tuned for some exciting updates on the way that will make your content creating experience even smoother in the weeks to come!