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YouTube is the most popular global platform for video makers, influencers, and musicians to share their creations. With the volume of videos being posted every day, it makes sense that YouTube developed a Content ID system in order to protect copyright owners by scanning every video against a database of files submitted by content owners. If a new video matches that of a previous copyright owner, Youtube might mute the audio or block the whole video. They also maintain rights to monetize your video for themselves or the Content ID owner, and can track the video’s viewership statistics.

If you’re a creator though, this means that your video is subject to the same scrutiny, both on YouTube and other platforms, including TikTok, Instagram and Vimeo. This means that finding royalty-free music right at the start of your project is crucial.

Avoiding copyright infringement and content removal in your videos, whilst maintaining the same quality of your final video, requires close attention to the soundtracks you select for your piece. Searching for quality royalty-free music to fit your video’s vibe correctly requires patience and a keen ear. Soundtracks’ extensive music library offers thousands of royalty-free tracks from different genres, which have been curated and tagged by professional producers and musicians to ensure that it is categorised according to mood, genre, energy level and more.

While working with smaller, rising artists to get permissions for a specific track to soundtrack a piece that aligns with the musicians’ brands might be possible, working with a huge artist might not be so realistic without special connections. If you are looking for a cost effective way to access a legendary, classic track or a modern pop hit, perhaps the best alternative would be to search for similar tracks, either from golden eras or from modern “Type Beats”.

Avoid copyright infringement with our MAC MILLER/J COLE TYPE BEAT


Avoid copyright infringement with our TRAVIS SCOTT TYPE BEAT


Avoid copyright infringement with our KANYE TYPE BEAT


Avoid copyright infringement with our DRAKE TYPE BEAT


For example, while working with an artist like Ariana Grande or Travis Scott might be impossible for most people, using Type Beats in their styles would bring similar familiarity in music and thus audience recognition to your piece. Loudly Soundtracks’ music library includes a vast array of royalty-free beats made in the style of greats.

Take a look at these videos in the style of some of the moment’s hottest artists: 

These tracks and more are available for you to use now in the Soundtracks library. What are you waiting for!?

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