1. Loudly

It is the most straightforward of the editing tools you can use to create content. The app (Loudly royalty-free music) is available on iOS and Android and allows users to upload a video which they can preview against any of the library’s royalty free background music.

Go to Loudly and use the platform’s filters, which are based on genre, subgenre, mood and energy level, to find the perfect track.

Then, adjust the volume and placement of the track alongside your video clip to find the ideal timing and sound.

Using music is a great way to improve your content, as long as you keep the quality high!

2. YouTube

It is the largest online community and a great place to grow a following with longer or more in-depth content than on other social media platforms.

This platform is 100% for creators and offers access to more editing tools than any other platform.

From tracking your views and performance, to customizing your channel, to directing traffic with in-app editors and end-cards, there are plenty of tools to be taken advantage of here.

3. TikTok 

There are a few reasons why TikTok is the platform to be on - young audience, huge possibilities to go viral, and the ability to use famous, copyrighted music to hop on global trends or create your own.

Keep using royalty-free music from libraries like Loudly for your personal projects, and take advantage of this rare opportunities to use your faves. 

4. Instagram

Using Instagram for content promotion, even as marketing for your own personal brand, is more difficult than on other social media platforms.

Content-wise the platform is great because it offers different opportunities for various content types, between the short videos of Reels and the long-form capabilities of IGTV, you can customize your content to cross promote within the app. 

5. Twitch 

It is a great platform for growing a community with regular episodes that cross the bridge between a live stream and a chat room, allowing creators to interact with their audience in a two-way dialogue.

When using music on Twitch, creators are required to use original or royalty-free music to ensure they aren’t breaking any copyright infringement.

Finding non copyrighted music to use in these episodes is a great way to create content that engages with viewers.

From creating content to sharing it, various platforms offer a variety of useful tools.

Discovering which platforms provide the tools you need is up to you, but the Loudly app is a great place to get started.