In an earlier blog post, we discussed some key tactics to help identify your style as a content creator. Now that you have the tools to develop your style, here are some Youtube video ideas to get the ball rolling with content for your channel.

Explainer Videos / Tutorials

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone that has used Youtube has had a quick search on “How to,” do something. With over 14 billion videos uploaded, the platform is rife with creators lending their expertise on a given matter. 

This is also a great way to create a series of videos that can live as playlists on your channel. If your tutorials are delivered in a clear and concise way, viewers are more likely to continue watching subsequent parts and more importantly, subscribe for more. Don’t forget that you can always find royalty-free music for your videos here at Loudly.

Studio Tours or Setups

This one has more of an impact once you’ve gained somewhat of a following. Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite creators make their videos? Are you trying to recreate the distinct sound of a Tame Impala track? Chances are someone has made a video detailing the pedals or plugins needed for the perfect replication. 

If you have an intricate studio setup, this can be a good opportunity to connect with your viewers who love to geek out on gear. Conversely, a simple DIY setup can also be inspiring to show others that you don’t need the newest or fanciest gear to get the job done.


Reviews are possibly the honeypot of Youtube video ideas. There’s no limit to the topics of what you can focus your reviews on. For example, millions of youtubers search for reviews of products before they buy. If you have a particular affinity to tech, music, makeup, you name it, you can have a channel dedicated to reviews of those products.

There are many benefits to focusing on reviews. For starters, you can become the go-to channel for a given topic if you give honest and insightful reviews. People want to know the tangible aspects about a product before they spend their hard-earned money. If you are consistent and gain a large enough following, brands will often seek you out with early sneak peek to review for your audience. 

Reaction / Analysis

There has been a growing trend in videos that react to trailers, episodes, or announcements. Think of this as more of a personal take on current events. These types of videos are a combination of a review and commentary by people with an interesting viewpoint or style.

There is a growing desire on social media for a continued discussion of topics that people find interesting. You just finished a new episode of your favorite show and you want to know if someone else was blown away by the surprise twist. This is a fantastic way to connect with your audience, upload relevant content, and have the ability to engage with viewers in the comments.


Here’s a simple Youtube video idea for you musicians out there. We’ve all seen videos of amazing singers or musicians covering songs with their unique flare. It’s an awesome way to showcase your talents by attaching your name to something that is already popular. Take the acapella group Pentatonix for example, they rose to fame by creating wildly original versions of the most popular songs around.

Sprinkling in a cover every now and again can be a great way to attract a new audience to your music by associating with an artist of a similar genre.